The Corps Ensemble Reinvent the Wheel

Emma Donoghue's ever-relevant 'Kissing the Witch' is given a new lease of life by Dublin-based theatre group The Corps Ensemble.
By Hayley Douglas

Together for Yes Pops Up in Temple Bar

A new shop, selling badges and repeal jumpers, launched tonight in Temple Bar.
By Ciannait Khan

Celebrating the Centenary of the Women’s Vote in a Smashing Fashion

The granddaughter of suffragette Hanna Sheehy Skeffington commemorated the centenary at Dublin Castle this morning.
By Isla Hoe

Your Next Favourite: Trinity’s Steamy Sauna

Whether it functions as an escape from the winter cold or a way to sweat out those hangover toxins, Trinity's sauna has a lot to offer.
By Ciara Haley

TMT and DU Dance Pull Out All the Stops for Their Winter Showcase

Christmas Comes Early at Talent-Filled Winter Showcase
By Róisín Power

Five of the Best: Independent Bookshops

Looking for a good read that is not on a required reading list? We've compiled a list of Dublin's finest independent bookshops.
By Chloe Tait

Get a New Frame of Mind

With large windows, gold paint and a coffee machine, Frame proves necessity is the mother of invention.
By Clara King

Bright Future For Women in Business, Conference Told

The Student Managed Fund (SMF) held a conference last night with high-level businesswomen, who spoke about the barriers faced by women.
By Kate Lait

Left-Wing Publication Launched Weeks After Burkean Review

The new publication, the 'Red Pen', hopes to fill what it sees as a left-wing niche in Trinity.
By Donal MacNamee

Always a Highlight, The Puppy Room Returned for Mental Health Week

Seven furry friends came to reenergise and destress students as part of TCDSU Mental Health Week.
By Shauna Donnelly