Elections 2020

TCDSU Candidates Kick Off Campaigns, After Delayed Manifesto Arrivals

Candidates who travelled to Halls last night had to do so without their manifestos, which only arrived this morning.
By Donal MacNamee

Dining Hall Hustings Foretells Exacting Debate Over TCDSU Axioms

For an opening salvo, today's hustings saw presidential candidates offering strikingly different visions of the union's future.

Dining Hall Hustings

Join Donal MacNamee, Aisling Marren and Katy Amos for the first hustings of the TCDSU elections.

Plans and Policies Crucial in Contested Editor Race

Susie Crawford, the paper's Radius editor, will run against Deputy Editor Cormac Watson for editorship of The University Times.
By Ciaran Molloy

Financial Gains Soften Ground for TCDSU Communications Candidates

Hiram Harrington and Philly Holmes, the candidates for communications and marketing officer, will have to carve out a niche in a malleable role.
By Faye Curran

With Election Pressure Off, McInerney Talks Up ‘Approachable’ Ents

Hugh McInerney, the only candidate for ents officer of TCDSU, believes his experience and personality make him well suited to the role.
By Eliana Jordan

Sole Welfare Candidate Leah Keogh Puts Student Hardship in the Spotlight

Leah Keogh, who's running uncontested for TCDSU education officer, has a pitch that's more about evolution than revolution.
By Fiachra Gallagher

Education Candidate O’Connor Keeps it Local, Despite Third-Level Funding Crisis

Megan O'Connor, the sole candidate for TCDSU education officer, wants the union to get back to basics. It's unclear if students will buy it.
By Rachel O’Leary

In Presidential Race, a Familiar Choice: Micro or Macro

The three candidates running for TCDSU president offer differing takes on the extent to which the union should involve itself in national issues.
By Emer Moreau

10 to Run in 2020 TCDSU Elections, With Three Uncontested Races

Ryan Carey, Eoin Hand and Harry Williams will battle it out for president of the organisation.
By Donal MacNamee and Aisling Marren