Elections 2021

Count Night

Join Cormac Watson, Emma Taggart and Aoife Kearins for a liveblog of the results of this year’s TCDSU elections.

Still Not Sure Who to Vote For? It Might Be Time To Leave It Up To The Stars

We take you through the star signs of each candidate to figure out what it could mean for the running of the union next year.
By Faye Curran and Aoife Kearins

Electoral Commission Rejects Candidate Proposal to Extend Polling

The proposal was put forward by ents candidate Greg Arrowsmith and presidential candidate Ben Cummins following technical issues with the online voting system.
By Matt McCann and Sárán Fogarty

The Rise of TikTok in TCDSU Elections and Beyond

TCDSU election candidates are allowed to use TikTok this year for the first time.
By Emma Taggart

Registering to Vote in the TCDSU Elections is Vital for the Future of the Union

Voter registration ends on Tuesday at 6pm, and voting will open that night.

War-Weary Candidates Face Pointed Questions at Halls Hustings

Halls hustings took place at 6pm tonight and was run by the JCR.
By Matt McCann and Emma Taggart

An Online TCDSU Election: How It Came to Be and Its Impact

Despite the drawbacks of an online TCDSU campaign period, benefits have emerged, as costs are down for the union and students are as engaged as ever.
By Mairead Maguire

TCDSU Candidates Must Stop Treating ‘Accessibility’ as a Mere Buzzword

Officer for Students with Disabilities for TCDSU Niamh Herbert writes that this year’s sabbatical candidates must take accessibility seriously in their campaigns and not just treat it as a buzzword.
By Niamh Herbert

Electoral Commission Gives Editor Candidate Caddle Minor Strike

Caddle was given a 90-minute ban from social media as a result of the strike.
By Mairead Maguire

Education Candidate Bev Genockey Receives Minor Strike

The final hustings of the race is set to take place on Tuesday at 6pm, with voting opening on the same night.
By Cormac Watson