Elections 2021

Editor Candidate Caddle Pledges to Give Accommodation to an Asylum-Seeker

Caddle came under fire at the equality hustings last night, after he declined to attend.
By Mairead Maguire

In Equality Hustings, Questioners Put All Candidates Through their Paces

The final hustings is set to take place on Tuesday at 6pm where candidates will face questions posed by the Halls residents and JCR.
By Matt McCann and Emma Taggart

Equality Hustings

Join Cormac Watson, Molly Furey and Aoife Kearins for the fourth hustings of this year's TCDSU elections.

Editor Candidate Caddle Pulls Out of Tonight’s Equality Hustings

The hustings – the fourth of the campaign – are set to take place tonight at 6pm.
By Mairead Maguire

Education Candidate O’Reilly Receives Minor Strike

O’Reilly is the third election candidate to receive a strike in this year's TCDSU elections.
By Emma Taggart

Presidential Candidate Keogh Receives Minor Strike

Presidential candidate Leah Keogh was awarded a major strike prior to the beginning of the campaign period.
By Cormac Watson

Keogh Excels, Cummins Recovers and MacQuillan Struggles at Media Hustings

The next hustings is set to take place tomorrow at 6pm and questions will cover topics surrounding equality.

Media Hustings

Join Molly Furey, Emma Taggart and Aoife Kearins for the third hustings of this year's TCDSU elections.

O’Riordan Drops out of Welfare and Equality Race

The two remaining candidates in the race for TCDSU welfare and equality officer are Sierra Mueller-Owens and Dylan Krug.
By Emer Tyrrell

Chaotic Format Leaves Election Candidates Reeling – And Some Ignored

The second hustings of the year took place after TCDSU council.
By Emma Taggart and Matt McCann