The Editorial Board of The University Times

The Editorial Board of the twelfth volume of The University Times is comprised of six journalists. The board’s responsibility lies in writing the unsigned editorials of the newspaper, which appear online every week and in every issue of The University Times. Editorials represent the board’s collective editorial voice.

Malachi Ó Marcaigh

Chair of the Editorial Board
Malachi Ó Marcaigh previously served as the paper's Irish Language Editor, Deputy Irish Language Editor and edited coverage of the 2019 TCDSU Editor Race. In April 2019, he was awarded Teastas Ardmholta by Oifig na Gaeilge, Coláiste na Tríonóide for his work with the The University Times. As Irish Language Editor, Ó Marcaigh compiled an Irish language style guide, as well as translating the Editorial and Ethics Policy into Irish. He is a final-year history and political science student.

Cormac Watson

Cormac Watson is the current Editor of The University Times, having been elected by students in February 2020. He previously served as both Deputy Editor and Sports Editor. As Sports Editor, Watson co-wrote a report in The University Times detailing hazing practises in the Dublin University Boat Club, which garnered national attention.

Molly Furey

Deputy Editor
Molly Furey is the Deputy Editor of The University Times. She previously served as the paper’s Deputy Radius Editor and Special Projects Editor. As Special Projects Editor, she led and edited coverage of the 2020 TCDSU elections. She is a final-year English and History student.

Emer Moreau

Assistant Editor
Emer Moreau is an Assistant Editor of The University Times. She previously served as News Editor, during which time she co-ordinated coverage of the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the higher education sector. She has worked as a reporter for the Irish Times and the Journal. She is a third-year student of psychology and English literature.

Aoife Kearins

Assistant Editor
Aoife Kearins is an assistant editor of The University Times , having previously served as Features Editor, Opinion Editor and Acting Assistant Editor during the 2020 TCDSU Elections. She is a final-year maths student.

Jennifer Ní Chiara

Irish Language Editor
Jennifer Ní Chiara is the current Irish Language Editor of The University Times. She is a second-year history and geography student.