Feb 29, 2024

Hamza Bana Beats Hannah McAuley for Welfare and Equality Officer

Bana is the current TCDSU Ethnic Minorities Officer and an ambassador for Trinity Access.

Photo by Bridget McBruiser for The University Times

Hamza Bana has been elected Welfare and Equality Officer of Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU), defeating Hannah McAuley.

Bana’s victory follows a poll conducted by The University Times earlier this week, in which Bana was predicted to win 49 per cent of first-preference votes and McAuley was predicted to receive 32 per cent.

A third candidate, Nathan Harrington, was disqualified this morning after consideration by the Electoral Commission and subsequently the Appeals Board. A post made on Harrington’s campaign account suggested that he was eliminated for violating the College’s Dignity and Respect Policy. 


On the campaign trail, Bana highlighted his experience with casework and campaigns, telling The University Times that he is “trying to make sure Trinity is catered towards everyone, not just the few, fortunate people”. 

They plan to “push Trinity for free period products across campus” and advocate for better mental, physical and sexual health supports for all students, “not just cis white males”.

Bana has also said that he will aim to push back against annual rent increases imposed by College.

Bana is the current Ethnic Minorities Officer for the Students’ Union. In this capacity, they enacted a Support Group for Ethnic Minorities in collaboration with the College Counselling Service and Black Therapists Ireland. 

Bana also serves as an ambassador for the Trinity Access Programme (TAP).

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