Nov 3, 2009

'New paper breaks all Records'

This was the front page article in the Volume One, Issue One of The University Record

Trinity College is rocked this week by the arrival of a new newspaper. The University Record, which you hold in your hand, looks set to change the face of Trinity Journalism forever.

Record editor Matthew Magee explained the ethos of the new venture, “Student Journalism is all the same: everyone wants to write for The Irish Times or The Guardian; the whole arts section wants to edit NME. That might be alright to write, but I realised that it was time that someone produced a student paper that students actually want to read. The Record is to replace previous newspaper of the Students’ Union, Aontas.


Yet it had seemed that the new paper would be in a position to control its own content: Aontas has been overseen by committee elected by the Students’ Union, and so was not in control of its own copy.

The situation changed this year as the SU Executive granted the paper an independent news section. Magee sees this as crucial, “it means that the students get the truth and get it straight, with no spin. We mean what we say on the masthead: straight talking. We know it will be the students’ choice.

October 1, 1997

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