Jun 28, 2018

Cricket Pitch Set to Close for a Month

College Park and the Cricket Pitch will be closed for four weeks for essential maintenance works.

Jack SynnottDeputy News Editor
Sinéad Baker for The University Times

The Cricket Pitch and College Park will close next week for approximately four weeks for maintenance.

In an email sent to all staff and students, Campus Maintenance Manager, Tony Dalton, explained that the areas will be closed from July 3rd for “essential maintenance works”.

The announcement comes during the hottest week of the year, when temperatures have risen up to 27 degrees. The Cricket Pitch is a popular student hangout spot during the summer, especially due to its proximity to the Pav.


Students often cover the edges of the grassy area adjacent to the Pav, having drinks, watching a cricket match or just talking with friends. The closure of the pitch is sure to come as a disappointment to students and alumni, who often gather after work to the Pav and its surrounding areas.

The hot weather has seen College use sprinklers on the likes of the cricket and rugby pitches to ensure the grass does not dry out. It’s thought that part of the maintenance will be repairs to these sprinkers, with new metal flexible hose pipe required.

The cricket season spans the summer and sees Dublin University Cricket Club (DUCC) go head to head with cricket clubs from around the country.

Outside of cricket season, the pitch can be rented for soccer and field hockey. There is also a grass surface athletics track on the pitch.

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