Jun 29, 2020

Watson Appoints New Staff, Naming Molly Furey Deputy Editor

Outgoing Opinion Editor Aoife Kearins and outgoing News Editor Emer Moreau will serve as assistant editors.

Rachel O'Leary Senior Editor
Anna Moran for The University Times

Cormac Watson, the incoming Editor of The University Times, has appointed Molly Furey as Deputy Editor. Furey, the paper’s outgoing Special Projects Editor, is a fourth-year English and history student.

Speaking about Furey’s appointment, Watson said: “I feel incredibly lucky to be working alongside Molly this coming year. She is a naturally gifted writer who consistently steps up to the plate when faced with any type of challenge.”

“Her time as Special Projects Editor and editing the Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union elections has shown her versatility and journalistic know-how. I can’t wait to see all that she will bring to the newspaper this year.”


Watson has appointed Aoife Kearins and Emer Moreau as assistant editors.

Kearins, a final-year maths student, has previously served as Opinion Editor. Watson said: “Aoife is one of the smartest and most creative people I have met. Her journalistic instincts are spot on and she has run the Opinion section brilliantly all year. For me personally, her experience in the paper as well as her journalistic instincts will be invaluable.”

Moreau is the paper’s outgoing News Editor and is a third-year English and psychology student. Commenting on her appointment, Watson said: “Emer came into the News Section last year and made it her own. I have never seen someone improve so quickly and she is without a doubt one of the biggest talents in the paper at the moment. I have no doubt that she will do extraordinary things this year and in years to come.”

Sárán Fogarty, a second-year classics and geography student, will be taking on the position of News Editor. Commenting on Fogarty’s appointment, Watson said: “Sárán’s work ethic is second to none in the paper. This year, he has demonstrated an incredible dedication to the news section and its ambition to keep students informed with the most up-to-date information and to hold College to account.”

“Sárán’s diligence and flair for reporting makes for an exciting year ahead in the news section and I look forward to seeing him excel in the role.”

Watson has appointed third-year Spanish and economics student Emma Taggart to the position of Features Editor. Watson said that Taggart, who served as Deputy Features Editor this year, “has had an incredible year with the paper and has taken strides in her ability and ambition.” He added: “Her eye for quirky human interest stories and her instinctive writing abilities leave me in no doubt that the features section is in safe hands and has a dynamic year ahead.”

Faye Curran, a third-year European studies student who served as Deputy Opinion Editor this year, will assume the role of Opinion Editor. “Faye has really shown superb talent this year as Deputy Opinion Editor”, Watson said. “She has her finger on the pulse of Trinity and will do a great job reflecting students’ voices this year.”

Final-year history and political science student Matt McCann will take on the position of Sports Editor next year. “Matt has really set himself apart in the sports section as someone with original and exciting ideas, who can also write clearly and eloquently and really put in the work”, Watson said. “Journalistically, he’s the full package so the Sports section has a stellar year set in store.”

Orla Murnaghan takes over the Editor-at-Large position again this year. Speaking about her appointment, Watson said: “Orla has redefined the position of Editor-at-Large. She seems to always have a top-quality idea for an article and has proven to be an invaluable member of staff. She is an extremely important part of the paper’s future, and I can’t wait to see the work she does this year.”

Eliana Jordan has been appointed the Editor of The University Times Magazine, while outgoing Theatre Editor Emer Tyrell will serve as next year’s Radius Editor.

Mal Ó Marcaigh has been appointed Chair of the Editorial Board, Amy Cox will serve as the paper’s Copy Editor and Rachel O’Leary has been named Special Projects Editor.

Watson also paid tribute to a number of the long-standing members of the paper’s masthead staff, who are departing the paper this year.

Donal MacNamee, this year’s Editor, will depart from the paper after four years of involvement. Speaking about MacNamee’s departure, Watson said: “Donal has been a major inspiration for me throughout my time with the paper. Over the past three years we have made a great team and he has taught me an unbelievable amount.”

MacNamee previously served as Deputy Editor of The University Times, as well as Sports Editor.

Watson added that “he’s been such an important part of the paper for me personally, and has contributed more to campus life than anyone I know over the past few years. I feel so lucky to have risen up through the ranks with him”.

“He is one of the most talented people I know and a dear friend, who I will keep in mind whenever I have a tough decision to make.”

Katy Amos also leaves the paper, after three years of involvement during which she served as Deputy Copy Editor, Radius Editor and Assistant Editor. Speaking about her departure, Watson said: “Katy is a truly talented writer and editor. Every section of the paper has benefited from her creativity and innovative thinking, not to mention her scrupulous editing skills.”

“The contribution she made to the paper’s vibrancy and precision cannot be overstated”, he added.

“Katy is a much-loved member of staff and there’s no doubt that she will be sorely missed now that she’s finished.”

Aisling Marren, final-year law student, also departs the paper, four years after she first joined during which time she served as News Editor and Assistant Editor.

“One of the people who will be most missed around the office has to be Aisling,” Watson said. “She has been a phenomenal journalist for The University Times and has been a constant source of inspiration, fun and level-headed decision making.”

Watson said: “Getting to know her over the past year has been a privilege and I look forward to seeing all the brilliant things she’ll do in the future.”

Watson also paid tribute to Ciannait Khan, a former Assistant Editor and outgoing Chair of the Editorial Board. Speaking about her departure, Watson said: “Ciannait has been a key part of The University Times for years now and she will be sorely, sorely missed. Her talent is astounding and her vibrancy and creativity really brought so much to the paper and made her universally liked among the staff. I’m very sad to see her move on, but the paper has been lucky to have her.”

Ciaran Molloy also leaves the paper after four years. “Ciaran has been a stalwart of The University Times for four years”, Watson said. “Very few people have shown the kind of dedication to the paper’s mission and ethos that he has, and every year his talent as a journalist has shone through.”

After serving as Sports Editor, final-year English student Fiachra Gallagher’s time on the paper’s staff also comes to an end. Watson said: “Fiachra came to the paper quite late in his time in Trinity but he has made a massive mark on it. He ran the Sports section brilliantly this year – always extremely organised and dynamic.”

“He is one of the most ambitious and creative editors to pass through the ranks of the paper and his articles have invariably been top class.”

Susie Crawford, outgoing Radius Editor, also departs the staff. “Susie has made a massive contribution to the paper this year and was always bringing new ideas to the table while fostering a brilliant team of writers under her”, Watson said.

“Thanks to Susie our coverage of Dublin’s cultural scene has been on-the-pulse and always one step ahead when it came to shining a light on new and exciting talents on Trinity’s doorstep”, he added. “Susie’s dedication and work ethic made for an incredible year for Radius and I have no doubt that she has an exciting future in journalism ahead of her”.

Speaking about former Magazine Editor Patrick O’Donoghue – who leaves the paper this year – Watson said that he had “really helped bring the Magazine to the next level.”

“Alongside Donal he has really set the bar for what the Magazine can be and hopefully this year we can emulate some of the terrific work he has done.”

Copy Editor Eithne Duffy and Deputy Copy Editor Christopher Dignam also move on from The University Times this year.

Speaking about the Copy team this year, Watson said: “The whole team were absolutely brilliant this year, and kept the paper as free from errors as was possible. Eithne and Chris were new to the paper this year but immediately fit in and they will both be really missed. The Copy team this year really was the gold standard for Copy teams.”

Update: 11:40, July 3rd, 2020
This piece has been updated to reflect the fact that Amy Cox was appointed Copy Editor of The University Times.

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