Jul 15, 2020

College Campus to Reopen for Staff on August 10th

Head of Estates and Facilities Brendan Leahy announced that a phased reopening of campus for staff would begin on July 20th.

Cormac WatsonEditor
Sinéad Baker for The University Times

Campus will reopen fully to all staff on August 10th, with a phased reopening beginning on July 20th, College announced this evening.

In a video posted on Twitter, Head of Facilities and Services Brendan Leahy said that all staff accessing campus will need to complete a “ COVID-19 pre-return to work questionnaire” three days before arriving on campus.

They will also have to complete an online induction course, download the safezone app – which monitors when people enter or leave campus – and have an up-to-date staff card.


Entrances to College will be at Lincoln Place, the Science Gallery and Nassau St, and staff will need their staff card to swipe in and out.

Leahy also encouraged staff “to cycle or walk to work if possible”, adding that bike repair stations had been installed and that College would be providing more bike racks and showers on campus.

“For those of you who must drive to campus, we will have special parking arrangements”, he added.

Leahy also said that “new modus operandi such as rotas for those in shared offices, contact logs, hygiene protocols” would be introduced at a “local level”, and that staff members would be told about these by their “head of school or area”.

Campus is currently closed to the public, and is undergoing a phased reopening, with some postgraduate students being allowed to return to campus as well as all residents.

Earlier this month, Provost Patrick Prendergrast confirmed that Trinity’s next academic year will start on September 28th, as part of a radically altered academic calendar that will see first-term exams starting in January 2021 and a two-week Christmas break introduced.

First-year students will start College – which will run a mixture of online and face-to-face learning – with an orientation week on September 21st.

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