Jan 20, 2021

College to Waive Semester Two Rent for Residents Who Leave Before March

College is asking students to consider whether or not it is necessary that they return to Trinity accommodation.

Cormac WatsonEditor
Alex Connolly for The University Times

Students who have arrived in College accommodation but decide to return home for semester two between January 24th and February 28th will only be charged to the date that they leave their room, Trinity announced this evening.

Those arriving into College accommodation for the first time will be released without penalty from their license.

Students who terminate their license agreements before February 28th will not be charged administration fees. Those who lived in College accommodation last semester will be charged up to January 23rd.


Additional costs will apply to students who left their belongs behind when they vacated their accommodation in semester one, intending to return in semester two.

An email to residents – signed by Head of Accommodation Neal Murphy and Registrar of Chambers Philip Coleman – said that students should “consider carefully whether you need to live in College accommodation. The fewer people there are in residence the lower the likelihood of transmission of the virus and the better we will be able to care for those who may become unwell while in residence”.

“If you have already returned to Trinity Hall or Campus accommodation or if you are about to do so, you may of course stay in residence. If you wish to engage in your course from home for Semester 2 and give up your College accommodation then we also understand that decision and will support it.”

They also said that “even if you have no in-person teaching we will understand if, for other reasons you will need to be in College accommodation”.

In a press statement, Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union said the “measures have been made available as a response to the current situation regarding level 5 lockdown and the high numbers of daily cases. It is hoped that by introducing these measures we can keep students safe and avoid unnecessary travel”.

It added that the union “hopes that these measures will allow students to prioritise their safety without incurring any penalty or fees”.

“We ask that every resident consider their options carefully and make a decision based on their personal circumstances. We reiterate that College Accommodation will remain open for all who need it this term”, the union concluded.

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