Apr 13, 2021

TCDSU to Support Full Refund of Student Contribution Fee

The union is now mandated to lobby College for a refund on the student contribution fee

Sárán FogartyNews Editor
Alex Connolly for The University Times.

Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union’s (TCDSU) council tonight mandated the union to support a full refund of the student contribution for all students in this academic year and to lobby College for such a refund.

The motion was proposed by TCDSU Citizenship Officer Jodie Milne and seconded by third-year geography and political science class representative Charlotte Bull.

Speaking in favour of the motion, Clara McCormack, who was given speaking time by Milne, said: “I think this motion should be seen in the context of rising student fees over the past 15 years and all the other added costs that come with education, like costs for commuting and renting.”


“I think it’s really important that the students’ union is making these kind of solid demands, especially in light of the USI’s new campaign Education for All that’s looking to abolish the student contribution.”

Raising a point of information on the motion, TCDSU Education Officer Megan O’Connor said: “Obviously the SU is against the student contribution charge and we have two existing motions on it and I’m unsure as to what can be done retrospectively in relation to the student contribution charge.”

“I’d love to get behind it and work with the proposer on it. I wasn’t aware of this before today, but I’m just unsure as to what can be expected of the sabbatical team in relation to what we can do.”

Responding to O’Connor, McCormack said: “This motion is just to adopt a position in support of refunds for this academic year in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the reasons that I mentioned that are in the motion.”

By passing the motion, TCDSU council noted that students have had “reduced access to educational facilities and support services in the college, and the costs of study (e.g. electricity) have reverted to students as a result of studying from home”.

TCDSU council also noted that there “is a need for a higher education system which is free at the point of delivery for all students, including international students, and is publicly funded through general taxation. The Covid-19 pandemic has presented an opportunity for students to demand this.”

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