Aug 25, 2021

IUA Urges Students to get Vaccinated Ahead of Return to Lectures

Over 82 per cent of 16-29 year olds have received one dose of the vaccine.

Jody DruceDeputy News Editor
Eavan McLoughlin for The University Times

The presidents of Ireland’s higher education institutions have called on all students to register for the coronavirus vaccine.

Currently, over 82 per cent of individuals aged between 16 and 29 have received at least one dose, with 57 per cent fully vaccinated.

The leaders of the institutions represented by the Irish Universities Association (IUA), the Technological Higher Education Association (THEA) and the Higher Education Colleges Association (HECA) have urged all remaining students to get vaccinated ahead of the new academic year.


Chair of the IUA and NUI Galway’s President Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh said in a press statement: “It is gratifying to see the enthusiastic take-up of vaccines by university students for the public good. Their positive action to protect themselves, their families and fellow students is a key ingredient for the safe reopening of third-level institutions.”

“We encourage all remaining students to register now for the vaccine”, he said.

Vincent Cunnane, the chair of THEA and President of Limerick IT, added: “The desire to realise a safe and more engaged academic year is one shared by staff and students.”

“That appetite is already evident in the admirable take-up of the vaccine and, as this is very much a social compact, we strongly encourage all students and intending students to avail of the vaccine.”
Patricia O Sullivan, Executive Director of HECA, said: “We strongly encourage students to take up offers of the COVID-19 vaccine before the return to on-campus.”

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