Jun 7, 2023

Behind the Scenes: DU Players

From start to finish, here is what happens on the day of a show with DU Players.

Sinéad Baker for The University Times
Giulia GrilloSenior Editor

In this mini series, Photography Editor for The University Times Giulia Grillo goes behind the scenes with Trinity’s societies to explore what it is they actually do on a day- to-day basis. This time, she explores what goes into creating a show with DU Players.

Costuming, hair and makeup


Lighting and set fixes on the day of the show

Director Adam Clinton goes through the cues for the show to ensure everything is running smoothly and the cast and crew know how things will run

Props are checked and last-minute fixes are applied

A fight call is done, in which the cast and crew are called to action and warm up before final rehearsals

The final dress rehearsal before opening night

Last-minute touch ups for hair and makeup before going onstage

Clinton helps to hype up the cast before the show opens with another fight call and a warm-up

Lara Jordan acting in Saint Joan

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