Jun 30, 2024

TCDSU President Jenny Maguire Leads Trans and Intersex Dublin Pride Block

Thousands March at Dublin’s Pride Parade in Celebration and Solidarity

Brídín Ní Fhearraigh-JoyceEditor in Chief

Rain flooded the city centre as thousands marched in Dublin’s Pride parade. Undeterred by poor weather conditions, TCDSU President Jenny Maguire rallied the Trans and Intersex Dublin Pride (TIPD) block, leading chants expressing the need for improved Irish trans healthcare.

Speaking to The University Times, Maguire said: “I’m marching because Pride has been depoliticised, and as a result, our progress has stalled, if not declined. We must be unapologetic in our demands because the queer community is giving a free pass to politicians to do nothing.”

The group marched side by side with Queers for Palestine and ROSA. The demonstrators called for solidarity with Palestine and an end to pink-washing. Amongst the TIPD chants, protestors shouted “bottoms and tops, we all hate cops” and “no pride in genocide”.


Trinity’s QSoc and the Union of Student’s Ireland also took part in Dublin Pride.

Maguire then took to the stage in Merrion Square’s Pride Village after the parade. She urged the crowd: “We are demanding a better world, and we are demanding that all of you here come out to Trans and Intersex Pride on July 13th at 12 pm. It was originally at 2 pm but we’ve had to move it back because of the far-right backlash. This is what’s at stake.”

On Friday College hosted its fourth Pride in Research event, which showcased the research of LGBTQ+ academics. Provost Linda Doyle then held an annual Pride Celebration in her residence. On X (formerly Twitter) the Provost stated “solidarity is needed now more than ever”.

June 2022, Doyle issued an apology via email to staff and students for advice that was previously issued to staff by the College Secretary’s office against displaying pride flags on campus as they could cause offence to “those from diverse cultural or faith backgrounds” who may not be “as supportive of Pride”. This year, the pride flag flies high from the front gates of the college.

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