Jul 9, 2024

Protestors Stage Die-in to Protest Politicians Attending US Ambassador’s Party

Attendees heckled buses on the way to the party with shouts of “Shame on you.”

Fionn Fitzpatrick and Brídín Ní Fhearraigh-Joyce

Monday, protesters performed a die-in as the US Ambassador hosted a 4th of July party for TDs, ambassadors, and guests at her Phoenix Park residence. 

Protestors lay in blood-stained sheets alongside children’s toys, to represent the mass-death in Gaza. Later, attendees heckled buses on the way to the party with shouts of “Shame on you.”

Union of students in Ireland were amongst the groups in attendance.


Brian O’Hegartha, the media officer of the Ireland Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, told The University Times “A genocide has been going on in Palestine over the past nine months. 38,000 Palestinians are dead and thousands of children are orphaned. Meanwhile, none of this genocide would be possible without the US which funds and facilitates Israel in continuing it. 

It is absolutely outrageous that anyone is celebrating the 4th of July while the US is complicit. We are calling on the US government to end their support for the Israeli state and we are calling for the Irish government to do everything here in Dáil Éireann and at EU level and in the UN to end Ireland’s complicity as well.”

Sallah, a Palestinian man speaking at the protest said “We are here to say with one voice: Enough”.  

Jim Roche of the Irish Anti War Movement told The University TimesWe want to get a message to the TDs that this is inappropriate, to attend the ambassador’s party while their country is enabling a genocide. The mass murder has been normalised, in the sense that it’s not being reported in the same way as 6-7 months ago. It’s worrying because Israel will just keep going with it.”

The University Times recently reported on the use of Shannon Airport by the US Military. The US has provided over 12 Billion Dollars of military aid to Israel since October 7th 2023. 

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