Oct 14, 2009

Freshers’ Ball postponed for a week

The Meteor Freshers’ Ball, which was scheduled to take place in The Academy, on October 13th has been postponed for one week until October 20th. Sources suggest that the postponement was unavoidable after it emerged that one of the headline acts was unavailable to play on the 13th. Consequently, it was felt that a postponement of the Ball until the 20th, thus keeping all the original acts, would allow for a better night out for ticket-holders. It has been proposed that headline act Tinchy Stryder was the reason for the delay, since he gave a press conference in London on the same evening that the Ball was originally due to go ahead. This is not the first time that Stryder has caused problems for student nights out in Dublin. Last month, he pulled out of the UCD Freshers’ Ball at the last minute. Simian Mobile Disco, straight from his Electric Picnic gig, replaced Stryder at the UCD Freshers’ Ball which was also held in the Academy.

Commenting on Stryder’s cancellation, their college newspaper ‘The University Observer’ quoted UCD Ents Officer, Mike-Pat O’Donoghue as saying that the ball was  a “great success” despite Stryder’s absence. Back in Trinity, SU Ents Officer Mick Birmingham has apologised for any inconvenience caused to students by the delay but has assured the college that all the acts booked to play the original Ball will play The Academy on the 20th instead. Aside from Rap act Tinchy Stryder, the acts to feature at the ball include Fight Like Apes, The Flaws, Jenna Toro, Fake Blood and Noize Control. Birmingham claims that the line-up has “something for everyone” and is confident that fans of all musical genres will be more than satisfied.

The Meteor Ball is also the first SU Ents event that allows students to buy tickets for the gig on the Ents website. Technical Officer Conor Smith, the man responsible for the online system, says that this represents a big step forward in the availability of tickets to students both on-campus and off. Smith says that from now on, tickets for  “selected events” will be available to purchase online. Smith went on to say that online ticket selling was “the way forward” and that the introduction was “about time.” Tickets for the Meteor Freshers Ball are on sale in the SU shop and online at www.trinityents.com


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