Nov 3, 2009

In the field of excellence

You have heard it said a thousand times that college is more than what one learns in a classroom or a lab. There are many ways to gain experience and skills, in particular the societies, publications, sports clubs, and the unions all offer incalculable advantages in terms of personal and professional development.

This paper wants to see Trinity as the standard of excellence in the field of extra-curricular involvement.  How that can be achieved is a particularly interesting debate that covers many facets including the nature, organization, and goals for each body.

There is at least two contributions to this debate in the paper today that is the opinion regarding the reconstitution of the Central Societies Committee (CSC). This argument has its friends and its detractors but what it is, is a part of a debate that must be had. Also there is the opinion by the Education Officer about how to recognise involvment.


We saw at the CSC’s Fourth Week commons for the heads of societies and at Pubs Week’s reception what The University Times regards as some of the finest talent available to anyone anywhere and whatismore, they walk among us.

If these weeks were to serve only one purpose it would be to find and nurture that talent–to pass it on and grow it into a broad and strong oak that will stand in this college for year upon year.

The College must also lend its hand in this endeavour by engaging all the bodies in a process to see what can be done it recognise and encourage excellence in our college.

We need to make our college the college that a person goes taking a degree and leaving a legacy of excellence and accomplishment in the field of extra-curricular involvement.

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