Nov 3, 2009

Turfed out


I am writing to complain about a perceived injustice that has befallen myself and my colleagues. We regularly make use of the Botany Bay astro-turf pitch for recreational purposes and have rarely encountered any problems until recently, when we were told that we could not use the aforementioned pitch after a certain hour. There initially was no problem as we were cited reasons why the pitch would not be available to us, reasons which while we may not have agreed with them we gladly accepted. However on numerous occasions since that day we have viewed people using the astro-turf after hours, which struck us as strange as sports were supposed to be ‘banned’. Now I personally have no problem with a universal ban on sports after a certain time but what I can’t abide is what appears to be an inconsistency in the approval of bookings. Why should other people be allowed to play after hours but we can not?

Yours etc.,
Lisa Tallon


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