Nov 16, 2011

Word on the street: USI march

Jack Leahy

Fionn O’Dea

News team


This argument isn’t about a registration fee – it’s a full College fee and we’re one of the most expensive in Europe.

– Helena Hughes, SF Trinity College Dublin & marcher

It’s unrealistic to ask the government to stop fees; it just has to happen…everything needs to be on the table because if there’s no money there, there’s no money there.

– Cormac, 21-year old Trinity student.

Education should be free to the majority of people, but it shouldn’t be free to all.

– Andy, bus driver.

I don’t support them, because they’re not the most deserving sector of the national community. I did a degree and had to pay for it myself, why shouldn’t they?

– Michael, retired.

Not only should there not be a hike in fees, but fees should be abolished entirely.

– Shane, Socialist Party.

The way things are right now, if they raise the fees then I’m gone from this country.

– Max, holding a ‘Don’t make me emigrate’ placard.

We need to keep education free s a right, not a privilege, and the wealthy people in society should be subjected to a progressive taxation to cover the costs of all public services. We can’t afford to return to a place where education becomes the preserve of the elite.

– Ruth, Marxist.

You should do [protest] it every day. In fact, we all should be out with you.

– Joanne, mother.

The government are creating a form of apartheid. I’m marching against registration fees, not just fees.

– Michael Shimaoka, student.

I’m not really sure this march can make a difference but I really hope it can.

– IT Carlow students.

It’s an impossible fight, but you Irish fought a rebellion in 1916 to give your people freedom and I think it’s absolutely brilliant to see that spirit still alive. I have to be on a plane in an hour and a half but I really want to stay here and see this.

– Lionel, tourist

I think the role of Labour Youth is to constructively encourage the minister to come up with an alternative plan to balance his budget.

– Chris Bond, Labour Councillor for Tallaght South

‘I support them, but they’re wasting their time’

– Mary, pensioner.

We’ve still got plenty of universities in the top 200 in the world. We shouldn’t look too much into these lists because they don’t take everything into account.

– Micheál Martin, Fianna Fáil leader.

Here’s a pledge for you – if you increase fees, we pledge never to vote for you again. Enjoy your five years in Leinster House because you’re not coming back.

– Gary Redmond, USI President.


– all but one of the forty people asked ‘do you have any sympathy for Minister Quinn’s position?’

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