Apr 12, 2015

Embellish the Night

Gather some sartorial inspiration for Trinity Ball with our 'Embellish the Night' fashion shoot....

Photography – Grace Nuttall

Makeup – Denise Doonan

Styling – Carla King-Molina with special thanks to Topman and Folkster for curating the wardrobe used in this shoot…

Clementine – Red Tara Wrap Dress, €169, Necklace, €19.99 both Folkster


11062390_670472656414518_5437052649439777056_n 11133953_670454386416345_2635521927381918589_n
Muireann – Silver Sleeved Sequin Dress, €325, Necklace, €39.99, Folkster
Samuel –  Bold Blue Three
Piece Skinny Suit, €266
Navy Shirt, €38
Tie, €14
Pocket Square, €12
Tie Bar, €18
All Topman




Bose – Violet Dress,€295, Folkster
Hichame – Grey Skinny Fit Three Piece Suit, €188
White Shirt, €34
Navy Velvet Tie, €18
Loafers, €50.00
All Topman


10471197_670454353083015_1134156037257225655_n 11416_670454499749667_8267601690774723834_n
Muireann – Lilac Sequin Strapless Dress, €395
Sheepskin Collar, €54.99, both Folkster


20120_670462273082223_295824443291896192_n 1959680_670454673082983_3844524696682260767_n
Stephen- Jacket, €120,
Shirt, €34
Turtleneck, €32
Suspenders, Price in Dublin Flagship.
Pink and Blue Checked Suit Pants, €68
Oxfords, Price in Dublin Flagship.
All Topman


10519208_670454729749644_8385017822052478019_n 11000660_670471089748008_4877250273689915893_n
Heather – Sylvie Dress, €275, Folkster
Necklace –  €29.99, Folkster
Shoes – Models own
Ian – Jeans, €40.00
Belt, € 20
Turtleneck, €32
Blue and Teal shirt, €38
Blazer, €150
Pocket Square, €9
Brogues, €120
All Topman



Clementine – Pewter Peach Dress,
€69, Folkster
Necklace, €19.99, Folkster
Blazer, €150, Topman



Thanks to all our models and to all who took part!






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