Sep 26, 2015

Summer Singers Close Their Season with a Spectacular Concert in the Chapel

Niamh O’Sullivan reviews Choral Society’s Freshers’ Week performance.

Niamh O'SullivanJunior Editor
University of Dublin Choral Society

Choral Society’s Summer Singers gave an impressive performance at the Trinity College Chapel on Wednesday night as part of Freshers’ Week. The free concert was the perfect opportunity for incoming students to see what Choral Society is all about. This concert was quite different to their usual performances throughout the year, with the much smaller choir and orchestra making for an intimate and unique performance. The concert closed out this year’s Summer Singing, a way for society members to continue singing with each other over the summer break.

The University of Dublin Choral Society was founded in 1837, and it is the oldest choral society among the universities in both Ireland and Britain. The society currently has over 100 singers and performs two concerts each year, one in each semester. Between the tradition of wearing full academic dress and the unique and historical surroundings of Trinity College, their performances are quite special, and have resulted in an increased appreciation for classical music around college. At their concerts during term, there are over 100 singers and a full orchestra, which makes for a remarkable performance.

The Freshers’ Week concert featured pieces by Vivaldi, Mozart and Handel. The concert was conducted by student Ross Cullinane, and was accompanied by Viva String Ensemble. Niall O’Sullivan, a noted cross-genre trumpeter, also performed on the night. Trinity’s Chapel set the perfect location for this classical concert, with the atmosphere in the Chapel both relaxing and zealous. The musicians brought profound amounts of energy to the room, and the choir sang so beautifully that you could easily get lost in the music. For one hour, the audience could escape, and enjoy the performance.


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