Jul 14, 2020

Liobhan Alanna’s Scarves Emerge Triumphant from Lockdown

The expansion of the ethical brand during lockdown is symptomatic of a broader pushback against fast fashion.

Niamh Burns Contributing Writer

For many, the pandemic has drastically altered working life – and fashion designers are no exception. Independent designers are particularly under threat at this time, but judging by social media, the general public have never been more aware of the importance of supporting small businesses.

With the ongoing climate crisis and the recent development of a worldwide recession, it is ever more urgent that people opt to buy ethically made products from small businesses. Liobhan Clancy has recently launched a line of luxury scarves that focuses on ethical sourcing and production. The scarves are designed and produced in the UK, where the Dublin native and National College of Art and Design graduate is now based.

Clancy has partnered with One Tree Planted and for each order, a tree is planted in the Amazon. Clancy’s work showcases a much-needed shift in focus to an environmentally conscious business model among the next wave of Irish designers.


Speaking to The University Times Clancy said that her brand, called Liobhan Alanna, “celebrates buying less and investing in good-quality pieces that stand the test of time”.

Each scarf is designed by hand and primarily draws inspiration from the natural world. Clancy has been developing the brand since graduating from the University of Arts in London with a master’s degree in illustration last summer. During lockdown, a line of fine art prints has been added to the designer’s repertoire and become hugely popular.

With the world in lockdown, fashion companies have been exposed for unethical and damaging practices. Not only this, but lockdown has made many reconsider shopping habits and the importance of shopping with local suppliers. Sitting at home all day and dressing only for comfort and happiness has made the value of staple clothing and accessories all the more apparent. It is in times like these that we can turn to such quality pieces as Liobhan Alanna scarves and appreciate the message, meaning, and effort behind them.

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