Sep 26, 2023

TCDSU President Tracks Progress on Manifesto Promises

László Molnárfi, TCDSU President, has unveiled a Manifesto Promise Tracker detailing the status of his campaign promises.

Clara RocheEditor
Emer Moreau for The University Times

President of Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU), László Molnárfi, has published a “Manifesto Promise Tracker” summarising the progress he and the Union have made in fulfilling his campaign promises. 

Of 41 total manifesto promises, Molnárfi categorised 15 items as “completed”, 19 as “in progress” and six as “not started yet”, while granting supervision of one to TCDSU Education Officer Catherine Arnold. 

Of the 15 completed items, Molnárfi highlighted the reversal of the ban on homemade food being brought to the Buttery, the creation of TCDSU emails for School Convenors and the payment of €100 per Council to the Chairs of the Oversight Commission and the Electoral Commission. 


Items in progress included the decolonisation of the curriculum and the translation of the TCDSU website into Irish. 

His proposed return of the Academic Senate for “academic grievances, cross-faculty policy formulation, and proactive campaigning” was left to the discretion of TCDSU Education Officer Catherine Arnold. 

Items Molnárfi has not yet started include his proposed reform of the student partnership policy, which exists to ensure collaboration between students and staff. Other tasks not yet underway are the provision of free blood tests and the undertaking of anti-racist action. 

The tracker can be found on the @TCDSU_President Twitter account, and is colour-coded with green, orange and red to signify the stage of completion. 

In a statement to The University Times, Molnárfi said: “I cannot achieve my manifesto without the collective power of students. I ask that students get involved in our campaigns, and together, we can exert the pressure needed on those in power to make change.” 

He added: “Direct action works!”

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