Nov 25, 2023

A Cinematic Christmas Gift Guide

Phoebe Pascoe recommends some festive presents inspired by beloved Christmas films

Phoebe PascoeAssistant Editor

Christmas movies aren’t known for being realistic. Not all of us can trample through snow in heels like Cameron Diaz, or say our school nativity was interrupted by Hugh Grant having a snog. But the magic of the holiday season (and capitalism) says that you can make your favourite festive film come true, if only you’ll use them as inspiration for your gifting. Here: what to put under the tree, as advised by the Christmas Classics.

Love Actually

Alan Rickman’s character likely went on the naughty list the year he got his wife Joni Mitchell’s Blue on CD (and his lover a gold necklace). But the album is objectively perfect. And, now that Mitchell is no longer available on Spotify, a physical copy of her masterpiece is a priceless gift. After all, what else are you going to soundtrack your annual Christmas cry to?


Home Alone

The part of the first Home Alone film that makes me cry isn’t the reunion at the end: it’s when Kevin makes himself a perfect microwavable mac’n’cheese, and then abandons it to go sabotage the intruders. Christmas is a time when food takes on a little extra meaning, so why not cook for your flatmates as a gift? A warm meal to return home to from the library is always welcome, and when the days get dark it can be the perfect (economical) present. Take a queue from Kevin and light some candles to make it extra festive. 

Home Alone 2

Arguably the highlight of the franchise, and with some of the best gift ideas. If an elderly toyshop owner doesn’t present you with turtle doves to give to your friend, not to worry! A sentimental bauble is still a lovely present and there are plenty to be found in shops around Dublin. 

It’s A Wonderful Life

In keeping with the culinary theme – take inspiration from everyone’s favourite Christmas film. As a housewarming gift, the Martini family give Mary and George Bailey bread, salt and wine. I don’t know about you, but if someone were to give me my favourite baguette, some flaky salt (or just salted butter) and a bottle (preferably Sarah Jessica Parker’s new collaboration with SuperValu), I couldn’t get much more content. 

Bridget Jones’s Diary

Recreate the opening scene of Bridget Jones’s Diary by picking up some Christmas PJs for your nearest and dearest. The uglier 

the better, and extra points if you get yourself a matching set! In the days between Christmas and New Year, pyjamas become both day and night appropriate attire, so having some festive ones to wear is always a good idea. 

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