Nov 26, 2023

How Dublin’s Newest Tailoring Venture is Providing a Hub of Style and Craftsmanship

Stevie Blake, owner of Temple Bar’s newest addition, Monto & Perri, encourages consumers to prioritise “Quality over Quantity, always. Not just at Christmas.”

Clara PottsFashion Editor
Faolán Carey

On November 17th, the cobbled streets of Temple Bar welcomed a bespoke tailoring business that is writing a new chapter in the historic neighbourhood by fusing past elegance with contemporary style. Monto & Perri, a haven of sophistication and flair, is offering a hub for all, from fashion-forward individuals to those seeking a collaborative fashion experience. 

Providing an inclusive space where creative visions can materialise, owner Stevie Blake has created an all-inclusive studio for individuals to “bring their ideas to fruition”. For him, ‘custom’ is no longer a generic term for any customer: it now signals distinct, personalised pieces that are made to fit each client flawlessly.  

Diverging from mass-produced garments which are often characterised by misfit buttons and sagging shoulder pads, this Anglesea Street business prioritises individuality, inclusivity and quality. Home to collaborative, two-way projects between the vision of the client and the knowledge of the tailor, Monto & Perri generates custom pieces marked by a seamless fusion of form, silhouette, and materials.    


In an era where one in two Gen-Z consumers have purchased clothing beyond traditional gender categories, Blake has pioneered a studio that prioritises inclusivity and quality over quantity. By envisioning made-to-measure pieces for diverse occasions and wearers, there exists a deeply personalised approach to each project. More than just a clothing brand, Monto & Perri is committed to “catering for all gender identities, ages and backgrounds” using primarily natural and organic fabrics to craft bespoke pieces, prioritising longevity without compromising on style or comfort.  

Monto & Perri emerges as both a tailoring business and a symbol of a redefined fashion ethos that seamlessly integrates sustainability, craftsmanship, collaboration and personalisation. A visit to this flourishing, bespoke experience offers an elevation of personal style, encouraging each individual to rediscover the joy of dressing through bespoke pieces which narrate individual stories of tradition and craftsmanship. Wearing custom pieces not only becomes a statement, but it showcases the wearer’s support towards a more sustainable future for fashion and a rejection of standardised sizing and gender categories associated with mass-produced garments. 

Having opened its doors just last week, Monto & Perri is already planning various projects. The recent launch of its first collection, ‘Black Sheep,’ showcases Blake’s creative vision, centred around a queer liberalism dinner party. With numerous collections in the pipeline, this space promises to be a dynamic force in the Dublin fashion scene, working to ensure each customer looks and feels their best, freed from the constraints of ready-to-wear garments and fast fashion trends.

This Christmas, as each of us search for the perfect gift or festive attire, consider the art of collaboration, and design an exclusive, made-to-measure piece. There is no better way to express thoughtfulness and care than by gifting a bespoke item. Just imagine the sheer joy of unwrapping a handcrafted garment that has been tailored to a flawless fit. Or the smile of satisfaction when you put on your custom waistcoat or a blazer and it fits just perfectly. With Monto & Perri, each of us can enjoy festivities without worrying about safety pins or sleeves that are annoyingly long.

The best gift is one that transcends material value and showcases thoughtful fashion. The best story to tell this Christmas (and always) is one that prioritises quality over quantity and intertwines tradition and craftsmanship, a narrative embodied by Monto & Perri.

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