Nov 24, 2023

TCDSU Condemns “Hateful” Riots, Highlights Supports for Students

In an email sent to all students, the Union condemned the hypocrisy of the far-right rioters and highlighted supports affected students could access, such as Niteline and the College's Emergency Counselling Service.

Clara RocheEditor
Alex Connolly for The University Times

In a statement released regarding the riots that took place in the city centre last night, the Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) has released a statement condemning the “hateful” actions that occurred following the stabbing of several people on Parnell Square. 

In an email sent to all students this afternoon, TCDSU Comms Officer Aiesha Wong said: “The weaponisation of a tragic event to justify xenophobia and the destruction of our city is unacceptable. The Irish have had a culture of emigration for over a century and have made our homes across the world; there is an inherent hypocrisy in saying Ireland is full.” 

Wong continued on behalf of the Union, writing: “We are incredibly proud of our campus community working with and coming together in a beautiful act of solidarity to provide food and shelter for the 100+ students who could not get home last night.” 


She gave special thanks to members of the College Historical Society (the Hist), the University Philosophical Society (the Phil) and the Central Societies Committee (the CSC), as well as “other societies and students who volunteered their rooms as places to stay overnight”.

The CSC, in communications sent to all student societies, similarly thanked the societies for their hard work in allocating spaces last night and strongly advised societies against holding events this evening.

The TCDSU email concluded with a list of supports that affected students could access, such as Niteline and the College’s Emergency Counselling Service. 

An earlier email sent to students in the School of Social Sciences and Philosophy by Convenor Mark Soller highlighted similar resources, condemning the events as “tragic, pathetic and terrifying”. Soller added that he was engaging with staff in “pushing for leniency across the board”. 

Several lecturers across departments have extended office hours and essay deadlines to accommodate students affected by the crisis.

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