Nov 29, 2023

Three Irish Cities Named in the List of 50 Best Cities in the World for Higher Education Students

Campus Advisor ranks Galway, Dublin and Cork as some of the best cities for students due to survey responses on Student Friendliness, Cost of Living and Safety

Hosanna BoulterNews Editor

On Tuesday, November 21st 2023, the annual Campus Advisor report was published listing the 50 best cities in the world for Higher Education Students. Three of the cities named are in Ireland. 

Galway received the best ranking of any Irish city on the list, being named the seventh-best city in the world for Higher Education students. In another ranking by The Campus Advisor, published on Tuesday, Galway came first for Student Friendliness.

The other cities to be named in the ranking were Cork and Dublin. Cork placed 22nd and Dublin placed 38th.


In the metrics released, Dublin scored an overall 3.96 out of 5. The metrics are all rated out of 5 and Dublin scored 4.20 for Student Friendliness, 3.18 for Cost of Living, 4.27 for Nightlife, 3.95 for Public Transport, 4.17 for Amenities and 3.96 for Safety. 

Dublin’s lowest score came for its cost of living, perhaps reflecting the struggle for affordable housing that many students are experiencing. Dublin also scored significantly lower than the other cities in terms of safety, only scoring 3.95 whilst Galway scored 4.79 and Cork 4.54. This could be a reflection of the significant increase in assaults and other violent crimes in Dublin as reported in the Garda’s Dublin South Central Division Report for 2022

The Campus Advisor is a website which was founded in 2021 and allows current students and graduates to upload ratings and reviews for their college. Students can rate their college based on a number of metrics such as course, campus facilities and academic staff. Perspective students can search for universities based on what about the student experience is important to them and The Campus Advisor will use the reviews and ratings of various universities to match the student with a number of colleges. Every year The Campus Advisor collates all the reviews and ratings from the previous year to make its 50 Best Student Cities in the World. 

Last year The Campus Advisor only published the Thirty Best Student Cities in the World and Dublin did not rank in that list, though Galway placed 24th. However, Ireland as a whole did rank 5th in their 20 Best Countries in the World for Higher Education 2022 list.

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