Nov 30, 2023

Trinity College Dublin Enforces Banner Ban on Palestinian Flags

During the afternoon of Wednesday, November 29th, students and societies were asked to remove Palestinian flags hanging from their windows in Front Square and outside Front Gate by security.

Alex PayneAssistant Editor
Alex Payne for The University Times

On International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, College decided to enforce its Banner Protocol in order to pressure students to remove Palestinian flags hanging from society rooms surrounding Front Square. Under Section One of the Banner Protocol it states: “The University is politically neutral. Any requests to hang a banner that could compromise the University neutrality requires approval from the College Secretary.” 

The College secretary does not appear to have given permission and the Senior Dean has not responded to a request for comment on the section of College regulations which states: “Banners may only be erected with the approval of the Senior Dean, and in accordance with the Banners Protocol, at the following locations: the Arts and Social Sciences Building ramp (north) and the North East Gate (viaduct, Pearse Street). Banners may not be erected at Front Gate. The Protocol is circulated each September by the College Secretary’s Office.”

It has also enforced Chapter 13 of the Conditions of Occupancy for campus accommodation residents which states: “Residents are prohibited from exposing any bottles, containers or other articles in any windows within accommodation, nor hang, or permit to be hung, or expose any clothes or other articles or to exhibit any signboard, poster or advertising matter, or any placard, flag or banner outside, in or on the accommodation or outside residences. This will apply to any material or action that may be deemed to be similar in nature.”


TCDSU President László Molnárfi advertised on his personal Instagram account that he would be handing out Palestinian flags to students during the day. 

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