Jan 29, 2024

How to Spend your Saint Brigid’s Day for Free

Your events’ guide for celebrating the saint of abortions, feminism, and lesbianism.

Brídín Ní Fhearraigh-JoyceJunior Editor

Saint Brigid is many things to many people. To some, she is associated with attempting intricate patterns in secondary school but instead stinging yourself with rushes to make the perfect cross. To me, she is my name sake – mo Mham gifted me with the Irish version of the name so that I would be named after “the first feminist recorded in Irish history”. 

The story goes that when the High King of Ireland tried to shut down Brigid’s island where she tended to the poor and the sick, she girlbossed him into the sun with her cuntiness. Or rather, he told her she could have as much land devoted to her charity as the size of her cloak, and then she whipped off her slay costume and performed a miracle – making the cloak enormous with a little help from God. The King then had to keep his word. 

Another lesser-known story about Brigid is that when her family tried to force her to marry, she plucked out her eye so that she wouldn’t have to wed a man. How relatable! She was also known for sleeping in the same bed as her maid – to some scholars they were merely ‘close friends’, but the LGBTs and allies know better. 


Even more intriguing, the saint is said to have assisted a pregnant nun with a miracle. That’s right, she magicked the baby away and saved her sister in Christ. For this reason, an American NGO assisting people seeking abortions has the name ‘The Brigid Alliance’. Pretty neat if you ask me!
So without further ado, here are my top five picks to celebrate the feminist Saint and the new(ish) Bank holiday:

Drinks Tasting and women’s history at the Pawn Shop 

This event has it all: women, free booze, and a harpist. ‘Yup The Mná’ will feature talks from women working in the drinks industry. Expect discussion about foraging, fermentation and feminism. Non-alcoholic beverages will also be served. The event takes place at 7 pm on February 1st.

‘Brigit: Every Woman’ Talk Hosted by the National Women’s Council

The legends down at the National Women’s Council are hosting a talk in Smithfield about the upcoming constitutional referendum and what this means for family, family care and “women in the home”. Go get yourself educated by their fantastic contributors! Booking is required. The event is at 6 pm on the saint’s day. 

‘Embodying Brigit’ Drama Class at the Gaiety 

Are you an art hoe? Or maybe you just want to try something new. This class promises to help you embody your modern-day Brigit through movement and poetry. The description reads, “through drama, we will embody her essence and celebrate the profound impact of female Irish poets who continue to shape the cultural and literary landscape”. Say no more! Although the event is free, booking is required through the Gaiety website. Get your acting chops on at 7.30 pm, February 1st. 

Celebrating Women Parade

Go for a hot girl walk, skate or bike “in a joyful tribute to the inspiring women who have come before us and those who will illuminate the future”. It’s time to take back the streets from the patriarchy! The event starts at Wolfe Tone Bridge at 4 pm, on February 5th. 

#ReadWomen Silent Book Club

For the introverts and burnouts among us, Mish Mash Café on Capel Street is hosting a silent book club focused on women authors. Dust off your copies of Virginia Woolf and Stephanie Meyer and prepare for a soothing evening of quiet bookishness. The event starts at 5.30 pm on, you guessed it, Saint Brigit’s Day.

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