Feb 29, 2024

Beth Strahan Elected TCDSU Comms and Marketing Officer

The final-year Drama and Theatre Studies student was elected, defeating opponents Connor Dempsey and Sarah Murnane.

Photo by Bridget McBruiser for The University Times

Beth Strahan has been elected Communications and Marketing Officer of Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) defeating opponents Connor Dempsey and Sarah Murnane. 

Strahan’s win is in keeping with a poll conducted by The University Times last week, in which she was predicted to receive 42 per cent of first-preference votes. 

In previous years, Strahan has directed both the JCR and the Trinity Musical Theatre (TMT) musical, experience she relied on heavily during her campaign. In an interview, she told The University Times: “I cater my theatre to the masses, and that is how I would cater my communications.” 


She centred her campaign around her plans to “find the voices on campus that are currently being ignored”. She advocated for the revival of platforms like Facebook and pushed for transparency and accessibility throughout the Union’s online presence. 

Strahan said that she has “fallen in love” with the Irish language since relocating to Dublin, and plans to collaborate with the JCR to ensure the implementation of TCDSU Irish-language policies in Halls. 

In marketing, she aims to prioritise partnerships aligned with students’ values. 

This year’s election cycle marked the first contested race for Communications and Marketing Officer since 2021. 

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