Feb 7, 2024

Trinity Green Campus to Host Green Week Sculpture Competition

The competition will run from March 11th until March 21st and will showcase up to 20 upcycled sculptures.

Sophia PeyserContributing Writer
Sinéad Baker for The University Times

As part of Trinity College’s Green Week, the Trinity Green Campus Committee (TGCC) is organising a “Sustainable Sculpture” competition.

From March 11th to March 21st, the competition will showcase up to 20 upcycled sculptures created by artists across Ireland. The competition is open to artists of all levels who can work in a medium that can withstand being outdoors on Trinity’s campus for two weeks. 

“The aim is to catch the passerby with various creations in artistic forms and to stop and make them think about sustainability in their own lives”, said Trevor Woods, a TGCC member who is organising the event. The committee hopes that the exhibition will inspire tourists and students to change their outlook and actions on sustainability. 


Trinity Green Campus Committee is a group of students, staff and alumni who meet monthly to improve sustainability in the Trinity community. In the past, the Committee has organised the Trash to Treasure donation drive, tree planting for Climate and Biodiversity Action Week, small group discussions about climate change called Climate Cafés, and the annual Green Week. On Jan. 24, the TGCC gave away 100 birch tree seedlings to launch Trinity’s Sustainability Strategy, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 51% by 20230 and reach net zero emissions by 2040. 

The Committee hosts monthly meetings on Tuesdays that focus on different areas including green labs, waste reduction and biodiversity.

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