Feb 2, 2024

Valentine’s Day Dress-Up

Hanna Valila's sartorial suggestions for the big night, whoever you're spending it with

Hanna ValilaAssistant Fashion Editor

A celebration of love in all shapes and sizes, a day to remind your loved ones how much they mean to you, but, most importantly, a reason to dress up on theme — Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you want to make this one memorable. Regardless if you’re celebrating with a partner, your besties, or practising all the self-love you deserve, take this opportunity to feel good by looking good. The most important ingredient to radiance is confidence, so focus on what makes you feel like the best version of yourself. But if you are looking for specific inspiration to put your own spin on, we have you covered.

Fancy date night 

Whether you are lucky enough to be taken out by your partner, or have a partner worth taking out, anywhere from a nice restaurant to a cocktail bar is a great option to show off in public. The classic is a red dress, which can be found in so many different variations to accommodate your style. Pair it with sleek black heels or boots to feel powerful in the most elegant way. If red is not your colour, Barbie fans can opt for a pink to embrace femininity. Alternatively, nothing says quiet confidence like an all black outfit — either a long dress or tailored trousers with a textured top and a nice belt will leave the venue speechless without your outfit yelling in their face. If you own something a touch risqué which you have not had the opportunity to wear yet, now is your time! But remember your partner is with you for you, so the most attractive outfit is one that is true to yourself.


Cosy night at home

Maybe you and your partner are homebodies, you want to spend the day more intimately, or you simply do not have the energy or funds to splash out for Valentine’s Day. A cosy night at home can be just as romantic, and doesn’t mean you don’t get to dress on theme. A matching pyjama set is a great option here. You can even surprise your partner by getting you both silk pyjamas that not only feel luxurious, but are good for protecting your skin and hair as well. 

A cosy night in is not limited to couples! Matching pyjamas with your friends is just as valid. Together you can watch a rom com, or Titanic in accordance with the mood of the night. Order pizza or make sure you’re stocked up on Ben & Jerry’s and chocolates. Popcorn is a must. If matching pyjamas is not your friend group’s vibe, you can get each other t-shirts with a silly anecdote or an inside joke, Secret Santa style. 

A new pyjama set is also a treat you deserve for your self-care night in. A pair of fuzzy socks and some brand new skincare would go along very well. A nice bathrobe is a luxury you don’t realise how much you benefit from until you have one. Wrap yourself up warm and practise whatever form of self-love works best for you!

Galentines on the town

Perhaps the most empowering way to spend the day is with your best single gal pals. The importance of platonic love is often understated. Take this opportunity to fully express yourself and dress “for the girls”. When you’re out with your besties celebrating each other, you can take any and all fashion risks you might have been nervous about. This is the perfect opportunity to experiment with bright pink or red eyeshadow, try a new hairstyle or wear that crazy hat that you bought on a whim. Just don’t forget to have a photoshoot and hype each other up!

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