Apr 15, 2024

Exploring Dublin’s Vintage Scene: A Q+A with Agité Closet

Clara Potts talks to Agité Closet owner Monica Martin about the shop's unique approach to sustainable and local shopping.

Clara PottsFashion Editor
Photo by Clara Potts for The University Times

Clara Potts visits Dublin’s newest vintage store, Agité Closet to learn more about how the store is diversifying the city’s sustainable shopping options. Owner Monica Martinez shares insights into Agité’s unique approach to sustainable and local shopping, offering a curated experience that blends personalised and good-quality pieces with conscious consumption. 

Can you share the story behind your business and what inspired you to create Agité? 

My journey in the fashion industry began amidst the busy atmosphere of the Spanish fast fashion giant Inditex, where I worked for fifteen years. It was during my time here that my love for fashion grew, as I was working in a space that supported and enhanced my skills for sourcing and styling outfits. 


Agité gives people the chance to buy clothes that are both fashionable and sustainable. My passion for fashion has always been a driving force in my life, and my business has allowed me to continue working in the industry that I love in a more environmentally conscious way. The perfect combination reflects my brand on the values I believe in and a new lifestyle.

What inspired you to situate your business in Dublin?

I moved to Ireland in January 2019 amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Moving countries at this time encouraged me to reflect upon the fashion industry’s impact on the environment. It also gave me time to develop my second-hand brand and noticed that Ireland was a country where many people were embracing sustainable options when purchasing clothing. From this, I was offered the opportunity to work in Ireland and upon moving, I established my own business, Agité Closet. I realised that I wanted to change my consumption habits, and my line of work. 

Agité has been open for three years now, and in January 2024, I decided to open my in-person showroom for customers. 

How do you curate the items for your collection, and what factors do you consider when selecting vintage pieces?

When I visit a second-hand clothing supplier, I always consider all the garments and do an in-depth search to find the best quality pieces. I’m always looking for timeless pieces that are easy to incorporate into your wardrobe, and you can wear and combine them indefinitely to give the best life to all those pieces that already exist and are in perfect condition. 

What makes Agité different from any other vintage store?  

Agité curates collections by colour, creating outfits to make the secondhand clothing purchasing experience much easier for the consumer. Often, charity shops and vintage stores can be overwhelming as it is hard to curate outfits on the spot without any organisation or pairings, with clothing often in bags and organised sporadically. Also, I offer appointments where individuals can visit the showroom without the stress of lots of others in the store at the same time. This doesn’t mean you have to purchase, but rather the aim is to give people the space to browse and try on clothing that is often difficult in other stores. By offering this, I believe that there is less waste with clothes, and individuals aren’t buying pieces that they will later discard of, or lie unloved in the back of their closet. This is what makes my business different, and it is something many customers appreciate: they can dress sustainably and effortlessly. 

What is the best secondhand purchase you have ever made? 

My favourite garment I have ever purchased for Agité is a YSL coat I found last winter. It was a double-breasted wool coat with gold buttons in a kind of sailor style. In my search to find out what era it was from, I deduced that it was from the 90s. I admire the history of Yves Saint Laurent and think he has been one of the best designers in the world.

Based on 26 King’s Street in Dublin, and currently open on Fridays from 5-8pm and Saturdays from 12-4pm, Agité is hosting an open weekend on April 12th and 13th, allowing customers to visit the collection without the need for an appointment.

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