Brídín Ní Fhearraigh-Joyce Emphasises Inclusivity and Integration

One of two candidates contesting the position of Editor of The University Times, Brídín Ní Fhearraigh-Joyce advocates for accountability, accessibility and mentorship.
By Maisie Greener

Charlie Hastings on Increasing Engagement and Improving Visibility

UT Editor candidate Charlie Hastings draws from his extensive experience in discussing his plans for accessibility, dismantling hierarchies and expanding social media engagement.
By Eliora Abramson

Peadar Walsh on Having an “Ear to the Ground” on What Students Want

Peadar Walsh, the sole candidate for the position of TCDSU Ents Officer, tells The University Times about his plans to cater events to the entire Trinity community.
By Valentina Milne

Beth Strahan Vows to “Find the Voices” Being Ignored

Comms and Marketing candidate Beth Strahan emphasises how her theatre background has equipped her to reform the Union.
By Ellen Duggan and Clara Roche

Sarah Murnane on Injecting Fun into the Students’ Union

Comms and Marketing candidate Sarah Murnane speaks to The University Times about social media, ethical sponsorships and inclusive campus spaces.
By Ella Sexton

Connor Dempsey on “Sensing the Pulse” of the Students’ Union

Comms and Marketing candidate Connor Dempsey plans to use his prior experience in TCDSU positions to inform his campaign.
By Molly Wetsch

Welfare Candidate Hannah McAuley on Championing Change in College

Hannah McAuley speaks to The University Times about the happiness they find in helping other people.
By Sajal Singh

TCDSU Elections Poll: Clear Victors in All But Two Races

The most contested races of this year’s sabbatical elections, Welfare & Equality and Comms & Marketing, are set for a close finish.
By Alex Payne

Welfare and Equality Hopeful Nathan Harrington Offers Scant Explanation on Campaign Controversies

Running on a platform of happiness, sweets and chocolate, Welfare and Equality candidate Nathan Harrington sat down with The University Times to offer explanation on more controversial comments.
By Alex Payne

Welfare Candidate Hamza Bana: “Students are the Backbone of the University”

Bana hopes to be set apart from their two opponents by his lived experience and commitment to “making positive changes”.
By Leah Downey