Ray Bassett: Pushing the Limits of Debate in Ireland

The former diplomat has been vocal about his issues with the EU in the past, and believes there should be more debate about the benefits and drawbacks of Ireland's membership of the bloc.
By Seán Cahill

Ryan Alberto Ó Giobúin: Prioritising Investment in Education

The PhD candidate has spent five years researching the negative repercussions of gaps and inequalities in education.
By Jennifer Ní Chiara

Sadhbh O’Neill: “I’m Green with a Small G”

The former councillor and current PhD student is well briefed on environmental policy but less concerned with higher-education issues.
By Jody Druce

Hugo MacNeill: Using Networking for Good

The former rugby player is running on a three-pronged platform of economy, north-south relations and disability advocacy.
By Emer Moreau

Tom Clonan: Running for the Seanad as an Act of Protest

The former army captain a long-time campaigner for disability rights and tackling sexual harassment and abuse in the Defence Forces.
By Mairead Maguire

Hazel Chu: No More Politics As Usual

Green Party councillor Hazel Chu outlines her progressive vision for Irish politics as she contests the Seanad bye election.
By Jennifer Ní Chiara

Revising the Legacy of William Rowan Hamilton

The Trinity mathematician was the subject of a number of unflattering rumours after his death, but he is a key figure in one of the most important roles of academia: blue-skies research.
By Gillian O'Neill

The Psychology of Toxic Productivity – and How It’s Impacting Students

Toxic productivity and burnout aren't formally recognised conditions, but there's no doubt that they're widespread problems in colleges.
By Sophie Coffey

Derry’s 50-Year Fight for University Places

Poverty rates and skill shortages are the key reasons for needing more students in the city.
By Emma Taggart

Dead Languages Remain Alive in the Classroom – and Beyond

Dead languages has been brought into the spotlight with the introduction of Ancient Babylonian in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
By Gina Bagnulo