Jan 27, 2016

Blonde Ready to Bring Summer House to Trinity Ball

Paige Reynolds reviews the deep house and UK garage duo set to play Trinity Ball 2016.

Paige ReynoldsJunior Editor

If you’ve ever doubted that blondes have more fun, this Bristolian deep house and UK garage duo of Jacob Manson and Adam Englefield that make up Blonde should set the record straight. The names might not sound familiar, but Englefield’s brainchild, popular YouTube channel Eton Messy, and Manson’s former alias Thieves might ring a few bells. The pair forged a cyber relationship back in 2013 and quickly decided two sets of ears are better than one. Through a mutual love of 90s R&B and soul, the pair have created classic summer house records that have taken the internet by storm over their short three-year partnership.

Their debut single “Foolish” featured the vocals of Ryan Ashley and, since then, the pair have collaborated with an array of other talented soul singers who have come to typify Blonde’s groovy sound that layers laidback R&B melodies with heavy dance music influence. From their latest club classic the euphoric “Feel Good (It’s Alright)” to the tune that shot the duo to fame, “I Loved You” ft. Melissa Steel, their records demand some serious boogying.

Indeed, though one might be inclined to brand Blonde’s output as rather generic house music, there’s no denying the funk piano and impressive vocal gymnastics of Glee’s Alex Newell on “All Cried Out” will get you ready to let your hair down in true Trinity Ball style.


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