TCDSU Elections 2020
Feb 17, 2020

Who’s Running in the TCDSU Elections?


Ryan Carey

Why he’s running
“The campaigns that the union works on are stuff like student fees and the housing crisis. I think that these are issues that affect every student in college, so as much as they are campaigns and are seen as outside the union, they are rooted in the issues that students are facing. Running a campaign, you know the housing crisis isn’t something that’s distant from the student body.”


Eoin Hand

Why he’s running
“The main thing I’ve noticed throughout my college career so far, unbeknownst to myself, is that I was always actively listening to people when they were talking about the struggles they face in College. Then it struck me back in November that maybe there’s something that could be done about this situation, rather than just being an active listener – instead being an active participant.”

Harry Williams

Why he’s running
“I want to change the students’ union. I think the students’ union has become something ‘other’ to the rest of the students. I think the majority of the students don’t vote – they dont care. They see the union as this kind of thing that they can’t really be part of. I want to change that, because I think the SU could be a really great thing, and with some of my policies I could really get people engaged.”

Education Officer

Megan O’Connor

Why she’s running
“I’ve worked quite closely with the education officer over the years and I think it’s a really, really important role. I know it’s the one person I’ve been able to turn to in the past, and they’ve been an incredible help to me – both as a student and within my capacity in the student’s union. I really enjoy the idea of me being able to be that for somebody else.”

Welfare Officer

Leah Keogh

Why she’s running
“I chose to run because I feel like I am of a compassionate nature and I think my social work training will really lend to my provision of case work and things like that. And the equality part, I’m just quite passionate about student welfare in different areas. My passion could really bring lots to that landscape.”

Communications & Marketing Officer

Hiram Harrington

Why they’re running
“One of the main things I’m pushing in my manifesto is student engagement with the SU and student accessibility with the SU. In terms of increasing what students know about the SU, I want a lot more transparency in terms of what we pass at council. And I guess, addressing more pertinent social media methods now – so for example, more people engage on Instagram now than they would on Facebook. That’s kind of the direction I’m heading towards.”

Philly Holmes

Why he’s running
“I personally would be, hopefully, doing both communications and marketing. Both come hand in hand a lot of the time and developing a way for those both to be – not that you’re doing two different jobs, or that this work isn’t separate from this work – but maybe overlapping and figuring out ways to be a bit more efficient about how you work in the SU.”

Entertainments Officer

Hugh McInerney

Why he’s running
“I love having the craic. I think part of entertainments is to be entertaining, and when I started my Trinity Truths web series last year, that really kind of made me realise there is a hunger on campus for good craic and stuff like that.”

Editor of The University Times

Susie Crawford

Why she’s running
“Within Radius, my job is primarily management. I manage a team of 16ish people. I have made a huge effort to make sure that lines of communication are open and specifically to give personal feedback to every person. I have done this, because I understand – having been a new writer last year – I understand what a difference it can make to have that open-minded communication with someone who is in the know.”

Cormac Watson

Why he’s running
“I’ve been a lost first year who is intimidated by writing for the paper, I’ve been deputy sports editor, I’ve been sports editor – so I know how to run a section well, how to mentor younger writers. This year, I was lucky enough to be deputy editor and I’ve learned about layout, I’ve learned about getting advertising revenue in, running a whole paper. I’ve been acting editor twice now during the year, so I have experience on the job.”