Oct 18, 2021

Spooky Season and Social Justice: Your Week Ahead

Don't let the essays get you down.

Clara RocheDeputy Societies Editor
Sinéad Baker for The University Times

If you’re snowed under with essays and even Adele’s new single isn’t easing the pain, never fear. This week, the last before Reading Week, is one of the most exciting on the College calendar, packed with parties to keep the winter blues at bay.


October in Ireland is Black History Month, and on Monday at 1pm, Q Soc will host a closed space for queer people of colour. The closed space will take place via Zoom and will give LGBTQ+ students of colour the chance to discuss their unique experiences and identities with other students from similar backgrounds.

Monday will also see Trinity Cancer Society’s biggest night of the year, with the Pink Party taking place from 8pm in Chaplain’s Bar. The dress code is – you guessed it -– pink! Tickets are €3 and are available on Eventbrite (see the society’s Instagram page). All proceeds will go directly to the Irish Cancer Society.



Trinity Vincent de Paul (VDP), DU Amnesty and the University Philosophical Society (the Phil) are teaming up on Tuesday at 7pm for a Social Justice Pub Quiz. The quiz will take place in the Gasworks Bar in aid of MASI, the movement of asylum seekers in Ireland. The bar is wheelchair accessible, tickets are €5 and available through each society’s social media pages, and everyone is welcome – with a team or without one!

From 5pm to 7pm in Front Square, Knit Soc will host its weekly stitch and bitch, for those looking to unwind before they unravel. Knitters, embroiderers, cross-stitchers and crochet lovers are all welcome!


What better way to distract yourself from exams than by thinking about more exams? At 12pm, DU History will host a Schols workshop via Zoom for those planning on taking the exams, offering study tips from experienced students who’ve been there and done that. Later, at 3pm, the society will host its weekly library hours in Gazebo 13.

At 6pm in the Front Square, Trinity College Mathematical Society (MathSoc) will host a scavenger hunt entitled “The Ghost of Galois”. No mathematical skills are necessary, but a membership with the society is.

At 6.30pm, Trinity VDP will host an information session on Zoom about its annual Camino trip. The link is available through the weekly email or by messaging the society on Instagram.

Philosophy students, psychology students, fans of The Good Place and self-proclaimed moral philosophers will be delighted to hear that at 7.30pm, the College Historical Society (the Hist) will debate the trolley problem in the Graduates Memorial Building (GMB). Tickets for the debate – titled “This House Would Pull The Lever” – will be available from Monday afternoon onwards through the society’s Instagram page.


From 3pm to 7pm, Trinity Fashion Society is hosting a giveaway and pop-up event in Mema’s Cocktail Bar on Parnell St. You can enter the giveaway on the society’s Instagram page, and the winners will be announced at the pop-up event.

At 5pm, Trinity Politics Society will host its EGM in one of the gazebos to elect a first-year representative and a social secretary. The event will be followed by a drink (or three) at Kennedy’s from 6pm onwards.

And no, you aren’t just having a bad week – Mercury is in retrograde and the moon is in Pisces. To cheer you up regardless, are DU History and DU Pagan Society in collaboration for a debate about which zodiac sign boasts the best historical figures. The event will take place in Gazebo 8 at 6pm.

Trinity VDP, DU Amnesty International, and the University Philosophical Society (the Phil) will join forces for the second time this week on Thursday for a social justice panel on the topic of migrant rights. The panel will take place at 7.30pm in the GMB, and speakers will include Neo Gilson, a representative from MASI, migrant activist Kensika Monshwengo and Nick Henderson, the CEO of the Irish Refugee Council.


To get you into the Halloween spirit, Q Soc is hosting a screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The location will be confirmed on the society’s Instagram closer to the day.

DU South-East Asian Society is also kicking off the spooky season early with a Halloween pub night at 7pm. A prize is available for the best-dressed guest, dressed in either red or black. Tickets cost €2 and details about payment and the location will be posted on the society’s Instagram page throughout the week.

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