Oct 10, 2021

Tough Topics and Tubridy: Your Week Ahead

Don't let the deadlines get you down.

Clara RocheDeputy Societies Editor
Emer Moreau for The University Times

If your essay deadlines are fast approaching and your pile of unwatched lectures is steadily building, never fear! Trinity’s societies have organised a vibrant and varied collection of events that will serve as the perfect distraction from your ever-growing list of academic responsibilities.


At 1pm, Trinity College Law Society (LawSoc) will present Ryan Tubridy with the Praeses Elit award. The renowned RTÉ host will join the society for an interview with Auditor Anne Spillane. For the opportunity to finally see the man in person, not just on your living room telly, you can get tickets through the society’s Instagram page.

Later in the afternoon, the Society for International Affairs (SOFIA) will discuss the results of the recent German election at 4.30pm.



The TCD Botanical Society (BotSoc) will host a floristry workshop at 2pm in Gazebos 9 and 10. Blossoming florists and budding botanists will enjoy the chance to relax in the face of essay deadlines and the opportunity to learn about the art of flower arranging and floral care.

Also at 2pm, QSoc will host a queer and disabled closed space via Zoom. The online event will give members of the LGBTQ+ community who have a disability the chance to meet individuals with a similar background and discuss their experiences in a safe and comfortable environment.

At 6pm, DU History will hold its EGM in Gazebo 9. All are welcome, especially freshers! Whether or not you’re looking to join the committee, it’s an excellent opportunity to meet other members of the society.


If you’re sick of the sight of the real library, DU History will host in-person library hours from 3-4pm in Gazebo 10. This is a great opportunity for history enthusiasts from all corners of the college to get together and discuss the subject.

At 6pm, DU Gender Equality Society (DUGES) will host “DUGES Declassified”, an event intended to introduce established and prospective members of the society to some of the most prominent feminist authors and topics. The event will take place in person and the location has yet to be confirmed.


If you’re looking for a lunchtime date, you can join the DUGES and DU Vegan Society for a picnic at 1pm, location to be confirmed. The topic of discussion will be the gender binary within the vegan community.

DU History will convene sometime on Thursday for a historical board games event, likely in one of the gazebos. The exact time and location have yet to be confirmed, but in the meantime, you can start practicing your Trivial Pursuit.


At 11am, DUGES will meet again for a coffee hour under the heading “The F Word”. The aim is to discuss the meaning and implications of the word “feminism” – for example, why DUGES can’t call itself FemSoc. Those interested in social change and student activism will get a lot out of this coffee morning, not least the chance to meet like-minded students.

Over in the sports hall, DU Fencing will host a wheelchair fencing event from 12-1pm. This inclusive sporting event will give everyone a chance to get acquainted with the fencing club, which happens to have produced six Olympians.

DU Rovers’ October Challenge is set to take place at 4.45pm, and will take the form of a journey from one point to another with challenges along the way. Adventure seekers and lovers of the outdoors would do well to join the DU Rovers.

SOFIA will round off the week with their EGM, which will take place at 6pm in a to-be-determined location.

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