General Election
Feb 25, 2016

The Party Leaders on Higher Education

Fine Gael: Enda Kenny

Education as Economic Driver
“Education is a key driver in our economic recovery, and the next government needs to invest in it to ensure its sustainability and to ensure that every student gets the best opportunity and quality of education.”
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Fianna Fáil: Michéal Martin

On third-level fees
“I believe there is absolutely no justification for increasing student fees anytime in the future and Fianna Fáil are committed to freezing fees at current levels for at least the next five years.”
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Sinn Féin: Gerry Adams

On Eliminating Fees
“Education is key to achieving a more equal society. For that very reason, we are the only party proposing that third-level fees would be progressively eliminated over a term in government.”
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Labour: Joan Burton

On third-level fees
“Our plan for higher education includes a reduction of €500 in the student contribution from September 2017; a €60 million annual ringfenced fund to support postgraduate students.”
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Green Party: Eamon Ryan

Corporation Tax Funding Education
“The Green Party has argued that this funding could come from an increase in the corporate tax take from large corporations, who currently pay minimal effective tax rates on their profits.”
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Social Democrats: Stephen Donnelly

On fees and accommodation
“We would reduce the student contribution from €3,000 to €2,000 over the lifetime of the next government. We would tackle the student housing crisis through the creation of a Department of Housing, Communities and Planning.”
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