The Students of Columbia University Inspire Students Around the World

Reporting on the escalation at Columbia University on the night of the April 31st, seen as a protester from the streets outside the university, Fiona Lüling asks whether this is the end of the student protests.
By Fiona

Student Representatives Must Stand in Solidarity with Precarious Staff

With their unique voice as the go-between for students and college bodies, student representatives have the opportunity to change the system, writes László Molnárfi.
By László Molnárfi

Racism, Mental Health, and the Urgent Call for Change in Trinity’s Counselling Services

Over time, this discomfort started to extend beyond specific moments, permeating my sense of self and safety. I felt uncomfortable in my skin and that I did not belong in my environment, writes Kiran Singh
By Kiran Singh

Learning to Drive in Ireland Will Drive Me Mad

Between the waiting lists and the financial aspect, learning to drive in Ireland feels like an inescapable and never-ending roundabout, writes Sophie Coffey
By Sophie Coffey

Running Enthusiasts on Instagram Have Sparked an Unusually Positive Fitness Trend, But Can This Momentum Last?

Even when movements on Instagram seem positive, I think it is worth asking whether it is possible for them to remain so within this structure, writes Phoebe Pascoe.
By Phoebe Pascoe

Perfectionism is No Excuse for Workplace Bullying

There is no need to see persistent aggression as the only way of extracting better performance, writes Alex Payne.
By Alex Payne

PhD Researchers Should Be Recognised as Staff

Given the contributions they make to the Irish research economy and the higher education sector, postgraduate researchers should be recognised as staff for their work, writes the PWO.
By Postgraduate Workers' Organisation

Unusual Dining Hall Hustings Gives a Glimpse of Questions to Come

The Hustings opted to break tradition with no questions being asked of the candidates until the Welfare and Equality Hustings tomorrow night.

A Case for Reform of Irish-Language News

News in Irish is only about Irish, to the extent of often gatekeeping local, national, and international news, writes Siothrún Sardina
By Siothrún Sardina

For Me, Cafés are the New Classrooms, Libraries and Student Spaces

I spend more time in coffee shops than I do in class, writes Adam Potterton.
By Adam Potterton