For Many Seanad Candidates, Climate Action is the Most Pressing National Issue

Sixteen of the 17 candidates attended a hustings in Trinity last night where they were asked what their priorities would be if elected.
By Emer Moreau

Nightclub Licensing Laws are Leaving us Culturally Deprived

The Give Us the Night campaign is lobbying for the modernisation of Irish nightclub, including sensible licensing laws and later opening times for clubs, writes Robbie Kitt.
By Robbie Kitt

For Some, Election Campaigning is Everything. For Most, it’s ‘What Elections?’

Next year's sabbatical officers were last week elected by the majority of voters. But with meagre turnout, can they really say they were backed by the majority of students, asks Sophie Coffey.
By Sophie Coffey

To Mask or Not to Mask? The Latest Campus Quandary

I don’t think it is a bad thing that we continue to pick up on cues and adapt our behaviours based on each individual situation, writes Phoebe Pascoe.
By Phoebe Pascoe

For TCDSU Elections, Facebook is Out and Instagram is In

Gone are the days of inviting your hundreds of friends to like your campaign page, writes Emma Taggart.
By Emma Taggart

Sabbatical Candidates Would do Well to Target the First-Year Vote

Ahead of Halls hustings, Phoebe Pascoe asks why first years are something of a neglected cohort, despite being relatively easy to sway.
By Phoebe Pascoe

This Green Week, Trinity is Turning its Attention to Our Broken Food Systems

From deforestation to supermarkets throwing out excess produce, our food chain is a serious contributor to waste and climate change, writes Michele Hallahan.
By Michele Hallahan

Eschewing My Qualms about Speaking Non-fluent Irish

Despite my clumsiness when it comes to engaging with Irish, it contributes significantly to my sense of identity and quality of life, writes Caoimhe Weakliam.
By Caoimhe Weakliam

My Mum is in Politics. Please Don’t Shout Your Opinions at Me

To others she may represent a certain political ideology, but to me, she is simply my mum whom I love, writes Hosanna Boulter.
By Hosanna Boulter

Incremental Change to Public Transport is no Longer an Option

The transport strategy for Dublin is unambitious and does nothing to counter the dominance of cars in the city, writes Green Party MEP Ciarán Cuffe.
By Ciarán Cuffe