Sabbatical Candidates Would do Well to Target the First-Year Vote

Ahead of Halls hustings, Phoebe Pascoe asks why first years are something of a neglected cohort, despite being relatively easy to sway.
By Phoebe Pascoe

This Green Week, Trinity is Turning its Attention to Our Broken Food Systems

From deforestation to supermarkets throwing out excess produce, our food chain is a serious contributor to waste and climate change, writes Michele Hallahan.
By Michele Hallahan

Eschewing My Qualms about Speaking Non-fluent Irish

Despite my clumsiness when it comes to engaging with Irish, it contributes significantly to my sense of identity and quality of life, writes Caoimhe Weakliam.
By Caoimhe Weakliam

My Mum is in Politics. Please Don’t Shout Your Opinions at Me

To others she may represent a certain political ideology, but to me, she is simply my mum whom I love, writes Hosanna Boulter.
By Hosanna Boulter

Incremental Change to Public Transport is no Longer an Option

The transport strategy for Dublin is unambitious and does nothing to counter the dominance of cars in the city, writes Green Party MEP Ciarán Cuffe.
By Ciarán Cuffe

Trinity is Dragging its Feet on the Berkeley Library Question

If College moved so rapidly to remove its tribute to serial groomer Erwin Schrödinger, there is no reason for the Berkeley library to remain named as such, writes Louie Lyons.
By Louie Lyons

Young People and the ‘Great Resignation’: A Growing Intolerance for Ill Treatment

As we enter the workforce amid a mass exodus of employees, we must choose whether we will accept a world of work which thrives off unequal reward, writes Piotr Jedro.
By Piotr Jedro

Mental Health: How Many More Tragic Cases Will it Take Before Government Acts?

I have the unique experience of being that missing face. I don't want anyone else to be, writes Niall Prior.
By Niall Prior

Dublin’s Mismatched, Gritty Charm is Being Swept Away

The brick-laden and imperfect city of Beckett and his contemporaries is being replaced with cookie-cutter tourist attractions and corporations, writes Kate Moran.
By Kate Moran

Why Must We Limit New Year’s Resolution to the New Year?

As January draws to a close, we ought not to resign ourselves to failure if we haven't achieved everything we aimed to in the space of a month, write Piotr Jedro.
By Piotr Jedro