A Degree in English Literature is a Sorry Match for my Love of Reading

I had a completely different, idealistic picture of what it would look like to be an English major long before I actually became one, writes Abby Cleaver.
By Abby Cleaver

Will Smith’s Oscars Slap Proves Every Bad Thing We Think About Hollywood

In the first of a series of opinion articles from transition-year students, Colin Smith reflects on what the Oscars really represent now.
By Colin Smith

Abortion Review Must Tackle Three-Day Wait

The review is primarily legalistic in scope and seems to have little regard for the emotional welfare of people who procure abortions in Ireland writes Michael Archer.
By Michael Archer

Two Years Ago, I Quit Instagram. I Don’t Regret it

I've realised I don't need to know whether that girl I’d met at a party four years back had gotten that job interview or not, among other things, writes Kate Moran.
By Kate Moran

Ukrainians are ‘Just Like Us’ – But So Are Refugees from All Over the World

Our willingness to support Ukraine, while undeniably positive, betrays how we value humans differently based on race, writes Hosanna Boulter.
By Hosanna Boulter

As War Wages in Ukraine, Students’ Learning Must Go Beyond Lectures

We can support Ukrainians by applying the correct use of language and employing a readiness to learn from real-world affairs, writes Julie Frisch.
By Julie Frisch

The Tired Debate Around the Usefulness of Arts Degrees

Perhaps we should stop measuring the success of graduates from different faculties in the same way, writes Sophie Coffey.
By Sophie Coffey

Seanad Candidates Sing From the Same Hymn Sheet on Higher-Education Issues

The 16 attendees of last night's hustings were broadly in agreement that more funding is needed for the sector, and that many barriers exist to access.
By Mairead Maguire

Quizzed on Ukraine Crisis, Seanad Candidates Back Irish Neutrality

The candidates were asked how Ireland should respond to the situation.
By Jody Druce

For Many Seanad Candidates, Climate Action is the Most Pressing National Issue

Sixteen of the 17 candidates attended a hustings in Trinity last night where they were asked what their priorities would be if elected.
By Emer Moreau