Minimum Unit Pricing Punishes the Poor and Ignores the Root of Alcohol Abuse

The government is placing the responsibility of alcohol-related harm back into the hands of those suffering from it, writes Caoimhe Weakliam.
By Caoimhe Weakliam

Ba Chóir Dúinn Fáilte a chur Roimh Stádas nua na Gaeilge san AE

Is é buntáiste a bhaineann lenár mballraíocht san AE ná go bhfuil deis againn ár bhféiniúlacht a léiriú agus an ilchultúrachas a cheiliúradh.
By Jennifer Ní Chiara and Róise Hannan

Can Year-End Reviews Stop Being So Miserable, Please?

Focusing on everything that we humans did wrong this year, without offering hope as to how we can do better next year, is wearing us down every December, writes Maitiú Charleton.
By Maitiú Charleton

This Year, Let’s Not Ruin Christmas by Trying to Make it Perfect

As I anticipate Christmas in isolation, I've realised I won't miss the frenzy of upset that comes with trying to keep everyone happy, writes Emer Tyrrell.
By Emer Tyrrell

Another Year, Another Row About Vegan Christmas Dinners

Desperate to maintain seasonal traditions, swapping turkey for tofu seems to be an affront for many, writes Ailbhe Noonan.
By Ailbhe Noonan

Lamenting the Christmas Traditions of a Pre-Covid Era

This Christmas will be round two in the pandemic journal, and the thought of smiling through traditions that barely resemble the pre-pandemic iteration is a tough one to swallow, writes Sophie Coffey.
By Sophie Coffey

It’s Time to Challenge the Meaning of ‘Sustainable’ Gifts

If we want to make Christmas sustainable, we must buy less, not buy different, writes Phoebe Pascoe.
By Phoebe Pascoe

The Toils of Final Year Have Turned Me Into a Grinch

My supreme gift-giving skills are likely to be relegated to ‘average’ this year as I trade festivities for dissertation writing, writes Caoimhe Weakliam.
By Caoimhe Weakliam

Playing ‘Sims 4: Discover University’ is Akin to Sheepishly Looking in a Mirror

The game perfectly manufactures the sense of chaos that goes with the college experience, writes Kate Moran
By Kate Moran

The Myth of Social Media and Desensitisation

Young people are accused of having no empathy because of the constant stream of bad news online, writes Phoebe Pascoe.
By Phoebe Pascoe