Bisexual People Are Tired of Having Their Identity Questioned

Many people still view bisexuality as something they do or do not 'believe' in, which is deeply hurtful, write Maitiú Charleton and Jack Dunne.
By Maitiú Charleton and Jack Dunne

Locked In, Coming Out: Confronting My Sexuality During the Pandemic

Coming to terms with my sexual orientation was, paradoxically, a very liberating experience during the isolation of the pandemic, writes Rachel O'Leary.
By Rachel O'Leary

Does the Government Even Want to Fix the Student Accommodation Crisis?

The scramble for housing occurs every September, but this year was considerably worse. Solving the problem is now a matter of political will, writes Caoimhe Weakliam.
By Caoimhe Weakliam

Freshers, Take it From a Second Year: You Will Beat Your Imposter Syndrome

The vast majority of new Trinity students feel out of their depth at first. If you feel like you don’t deserve to be here, that’s okay – but it will pass, writes Sophie Coffey.
By Sophie Coffey

In the Age of ‘Trin-Lit’, We’re All Living in a Fiction of Sorts

How strange and wonderful it is that the life of Trinity students is being depicted on page and screen for the world to absorb, writes Chris Morash.
By Chris Morash

College in the US is Even More Bizarre Than I Expected

I am both excited and terrified to dive into Columbia's famously intimidating classes.
By Hana Gallagher

No, The Luas Isn’t Actually Free. But It Really Should Be

If the government was serious about sustainable cities, access to public space and climate action, the Luas being free wouldn’t be a joke, writes Sárán Fogarty.
By Sárán Fogarty

As We Exit Lockdown, NiteLine is Still Here to Listen

Sometimes, even when we don’t feel like talking, just sitting in silence with another person can be really helpful, writes Lara Summers.
By Lara Summers

The Phil and Hist Must Take Meaningful Action to Change Their Culture of Misogyny

Victims of bullying or harassment should not be terrified to speak out for fear of further ill treatment, writes Caoimhe Weakliam.
By Caoimhe Weakliam

How I Learned to Relish Not Having an Opinion

Appreciating uncertainty more would allow for more nuanced, honest and compassionate opinions, writes Aoibh Ní Chroimín.
By Aoibh Ní Chroimín