Trinity Musicians Condemn Dublin Drummer Smiley’s Sexist Comments

Emmanuel “Smiley” Osungboun made the comments on the latest A Drummer in Dublin podcast last week.
By Hannah Quearney

Sunburn Talk Singles, Lockdown and the Future of Live Music

Sunburn bassist Muirish Waugh talks about defining a distinct sound during the silence of lockdown.
By Dylan McCarthy

M(h)aol are Raising their Voices for Women in Irish Post-Punk

This post-punk band are bringing sonic resonances to Ireland’s political past and present with their new single “Laundries”.
By Hannah Quearney

Automatic Tasty’s Latest Album Creates Classics From the Cosmos

‘A Farewell To Reason’ was released during lockdown and is available digitally on all major streaming platforms, with vinyl available to purchase online.
By Theo Cronin

Through Perseverance and Creativity, Ireland Music Week Goes Online

Ireland Music Week 2020 swaps venue wristbands for headphones in the driveway to keep the show on the road this week.
By Hannah Quearney

How Pillow Queens Achieved Both Niche and Mainstream Success

After releasing its debut album ‘In Waiting’ this month, the Dublin-based band has already established itself as one to watch.
By Hannah Quearney

Étáin Sweeney Keogh

By Malachi Ó Marcaigh

How Rebecca Locke is Using Clowns to Open Up Dublin’s Music Scene

As curator of Indigo Sessions at Workman's Club, Locke is looking to break down the barriers surrounding good live music in Dublin.
By Hannah Quearney

With ‘Dislocation’, Skinner is Branching Out

Skinner's newest single, "Dislocation", came out in June.
By Joe Coughlan

Autre Monde Imagined Museums Before We All Had To

The group will be holding two launch gigs for their pre-lockdown album 'The Imaginary Museum' at The Workman’s Club on September 17th and 18th.
By Max Roberts