Elections 2021

Council Hustings

Join Cormac Watson, Molly Furey and Aoife Kearins for the second hustings of this year's TCDSU elections.

Presidential Candidate Cummins Receives Major and Minor Strike

Cummins is the second presidential candidate to receive a major strike, after one of his competitors Leah Keogh received one on Saturday.
By Sárán Fogarty

Sparks Fly at Exhilarating Dining Hall Hustings

Today’s opening hustings saw three presidential candidates hesitantly trying to set each other apart.
By Matt McCann and Emma Taggart

Presidential Candidate Keogh Clashes With EC Over Major Strike Ruling

Campaigning starts tomorrow with the Dining Hall hustings taking place online.
By Matt McCannn

Dining Hall Hustings

Cormac Watson, Aoife Kearins and Molly Furey report live from the first hustings of the TCDSU Elections 2021.

TCDSU Adds Extra Hustings for Sabbatical Election Period

All hustings will take place fully online this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
By Sárán Fogarty

Ents Race Likely Close as Two Candidates Pitch Similar Visions

This year’s race for entertainment officer will see two candidates pushing for better inclusivity in Trinity’s social scene.
By Jane Cook and Naoise D'Arcy

Sole Communications and Marketing Candidate Pitches Continuity and Experience

In this year’s only uncontested race, final-year sociology student Aoife Cronin presents her vast society experience in marketing and public relations to make the case against RON.
By John Keenan

Welfare Candidates Put Ever-Changing Student Priorities at Heart of Race

Three candidates – Sierra Mueller-Owens, Dylan Krug and Cathal O’Riordan – will contest the position.
By Emer Tyrrell

Two Experienced Union Candidates Battle it Out in Education Race

This year, Dan O’Reilly and Bev Genockey are running for the position of education officer, after the race was uncontested last year.
By Faye Curran