A Decade of Ambitious Capital Projects

Patrick Prendergast situated capital projects at the forefront of his tenure as provost, but some groups felt left behind.
By Gillian O'Neill

Cementing Trinity’s Place on the World Stage

The internationalisation of Trinity was one of the central aspects of Patrick Prendergast's tenure.
By Mairead Maguire and Jody Druce

10 Years as Provost: Carving Out a Relationship with Students

Provost Patrick Prendergast didn’t always see eye to eye with Trinity’s students, but he maintains he always had their best interests at heart.
By Naoise D’Arcy

The Trinity Researchers Examining the Powers – and Dangers – of Cannabis

Cannabis derivatives have wide-ranging applications from treating brain inflammation to epilepsy – but it has potential health risks too.
By Shreya Ravichandran

The Turing Scheme: A Brexit-Induced Alternative to Erasmus

Pitched as an alternative to a European exchange, the Turing scheme has received mixed reactions from stakeholders in British universities.
By Naoise D'Arcy

Is the Seanad University Panel in Need of Reform?

A private member’s bill to reform the Seanad has little tangible support but sheds light on the composition of the House.
By Naoise D’Arcy

Unpacking the Research and Philosophy Behind the Finnish Education System

The Nordic models of schooling are renowned around the world. How and why did the education system in Finland come to be?
By Gillian O’Neill

How the Science Communication Collective is Battling Misinformation

The Science Communication Collective is an online campaign sponsored by the Department of Health, aiming to deliver public health news to Irish young adults.
By Kevin Mercurio

What the 1945 VE Riots Tell Us About a Forgotten Ireland

After the surrender of Nazi Germany, Trinity found itself at the centre of days of riots incited by the fascist party Ailtirí na hAiséirghe and joined by passers-by on the street.
By Aoibh Ní Chroimín

What Makes for a Successful GSU?

Voting in the GSU sabbatical elections finishes tonight at midnight, and the winners will be announced tomorrow.
By Emma Taggart