Mary Robinson and Sheikha Latifa Al Maktoum: Two Years of Silence

Two years on from Sheikha Latifa Al Maktoum's attempted escape, Robinson broke her silence on the infamous photos of the pair.
By Naoise D’Arcy

The College Chapel: Home to Tradition, Politics and Newlyweds

The College Chapel stands in Front Square and dates back to 1798.
By Emma Taggart

What This Year’s TCDSU Elections Have Taught Us About Web Accessibility

The 2021 TCDSU elections were undeniably momentous, but demonstrated plenty of milestones candidates have yet to reach when it comes to accessibility.
By Emer Tyrrell

How TAP Created Blueprints for Equality in Britain’s Elite Universities

What began as a suggestion over pints between Provost Patrick Prendergast and Alan Rusbridger culminated in an ambitious overhaul of the admissions system at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford.
By Gillian O’Neill

The Trials and Tribulations of Online Political Campaigns

How TCDSU campaigns have found the experience and whether it should continue moving forward.
By Matt McCann

Still Not Sure Who to Vote For? It Might Be Time To Leave It Up To The Stars

We take you through the star signs of each candidate to figure out what it could mean for the running of the union next year.
By Faye Curran and Aoife Kearins

The Rise of TikTok in TCDSU Elections and Beyond

TCDSU election candidates are allowed to use TikTok this year for the first time.
By Emma Taggart

An Online TCDSU Election: How It Came to Be and Its Impact

Despite the drawbacks of an online TCDSU campaign period, benefits have emerged, as costs are down for the union and students are as engaged as ever.
By Mairead Maguire

The Women in Trinity Making Waves in Climate Research

Trinity’s women are at the forefront of leading climate research, but still face hurdles in their career.
By Dawn Attride

Does Corporate Social Responsibility Have a Part to Play in a Sustainable Future?

We talk to the experts on how sustainability is affecting the world of business.
By Gillian O'Neill