General Election

Without Investment in Third-Level, Ireland’s Long-Term Prosperity is in Danger

Stephen Donnelly, co-leader of the Social Democrats, argues that politicians must pay greater attention to student concerns.
By Stephen Donnelly

Higher Education Needs To Be Talked About By Party Leaders

Christopher McMahon argues that higher education is too important an issue not to be discussed by party leaders, following the televised debate last night.
By Christopher McMahon

Royal Irish Academy Report Recommends Income-Contingent Loan Scheme

In a report published this week the academy, a body made up of academics from across Ireland, suggests that such a loan scheme is the only solution to the funding crisis facing higher education.
By Christopher McMahon

With Election Called, Which Coalition Offers the Best Solution for Higher Education?

Coalitions which may produce the best result for students may not be the best ones when it comes to adequate funding of third-level.
By Chris McMahon

Between General Elections, Promises from Parties on Higher Education Become Clearer

Comparing the manifestos of the political parties between 2011 and now reveals broken promises and clearer policies.
By Chris McMahon

USI Lobby Minister for Education on Manifesto Asks

USI lobbied Minister O'Sullivan to include key features of their recently-launched manifesto in the Labour Party manifesto.
By Jack Hartnett

Higher Education Funding, Access and Broken Labour Party Promise Front and Centre at USI Hustings

Hustings held by the Union of Students in Ireland featured representatives from all major parties.
By Eleanor O'Mahony and Dominic McGrath

Social Democrats Would Reduce Student Contribution by €1000

The party, due to launch their manifesto this morning, would also reintroduce postgraduate maintenance grants.
By Chris McMahon